Manila Traffic

Manila Traffic

Finally, We decided to spent our Christmas Vacation last December 2010 in Manila, Philippines. It was a vacation  trip to anywhere in Luzon, LOL. We stayed in Sucat, Paranaque City and for 1 week time, we visited almost all SM Malls in Manila.. haha!

It’s was really fun because it’s our first time in Manila and we just roam around by means of PUJ and Buses. I know, LRT is better means of transportation in Manila but my cousins are afraid of it because they heard rumors that whenever you ride LRT, one should quickly walk inside it or you’ll be left behind. In addition, we noticed people inside LRT are very congested for the reason we decided not to try anyway.

Manila, Philippines is a very large city and with so many layers of overpass, ramps & underpass. In fact, It surpasses other foreign Cities in USA in terms of road structure. I’ve been to New York & Boston Cities and mostly, they have underground pass & a few ramps(airport) only.

However, here 10 reasons why I still hate to stay in Manila, Philippines.

1. Traffic. Obviously, this would be the first thing you’d notice when you’re in Manila. Not sure whether its the driver or the system itself. The road infrastructure are actually bigger wider compared to other cities and countries but still traffic is inevitable.

2. Taxi’s or Cab’s.  First, the taxi drivers will ask for your destination and then demand for extra P30-P50 in addition to the metered reading.  During late night or early morning, you’ll certainly can’t get a metered taxi hence they prefer “pakyaw” or pre-set fare with respect to your destination. Much more, they won’t give you any small change. Wtf!..

Manila Pollution

Manila Pollution

3. Pollution. Of course, a city this big would be very polluted. I am not saying that only Manila is very polluted but compared to other big cities like Davao and Cebu, it definitely ranks no. 1

4. Fare Cost. Your P100? I just a one way fare, Lol. Even though you’re commuting, it will still cost you that much. How much more if you take a taxi.

5. Carenderia. I always thought I could save up eating in a “carenderia”  but it ends up like I was paying more compared in food chains like Jollibee and McDo. hehe.

6. House Rentals / Room Rentals. I am not surprised. The bigger the city, the bigger it cost you on your board and lodging.

7. Lack of Water Supply. The worst thing that could happen! If you can’t wake up early morning then you’d probably end up going to work/school unbathed. Or without brushing your teeth.. hehe

8. Brown-Out. Oh yes!… Did you think I forgot about this?

9. Very Crowded. Evidently, it has too much crowd. Maybe because we see a lot of vendors on the sidewalk, squatters and too many vehicles. I am not saying we don’t have these problems but I think the government is not paying much attention on these nuisance.

10 . Very High Crime Rate. What would you expect? For a very big city and a very crowded area with so much poverty, you’d surely encounter all types of people.

I am just stating why I hate Manila, Philippines. It could be either True or Not in some instances & places but these surely are what I’ve experienced and felt. Anyway, these are just my opinions, No Offense!