First off all, Why should a person let go to someone he/she love in the first place? They always said “If you love someone, you’ve to let her/him go!” But WHY? Aren’t you supposed to fight for your love? I mean, you should do everything to win her/him back right?

I should tell you it’s really really hard to loose someone you really loved. It could kill you! Letting go of someone may leave you breathless for moments, especially when we’re talking of someone you sincerely love for so many years.

 How to Let Go of Someone You Still Love

How to Let Go of Someone You Still Love

However, some things are not really meant for you, no matter how hard you try and how long you hold on to that. When this kind of situation conquers me, I think the best move or step of letting go of a person are;

Anger. You must hate him, then cry to death, let all your anger burned up and with that you learn to forgive and see things differently and of course you learn to let go. Then someday, you’ll probably be thanking each other for what had happened, hopefully.

Communicating. It’s nice to have a friendly talk with your partner before breaking up…. and besides breaking up, does not mean you can’t be together again. I think, it’s giving time and space for each other and there you will know whether or not you were meant for each other.

What about you guys and gals? Any ideas on how to let go of someone you still love?