NSO Birth Certificate

NSO Birth Certificate

Well, I know that applying for my birth certificate at NSO Philippines can be done online. And yes, it’s more hassle free compared to the decades ago in which you’ve to fall in-line for 1 whole day just to find out that you need to go back the following  day because they need another document that supports your NSO which happened to be faded / Unclear copy because of what they called Machine Scanning quality limitations. eeerrrr!

However, what if I have a misspelled name in my NSO Birth Certificate, what to do?

Does it still take 10 days to receive my NSO document? Or if I go to the NSO office directly to correct my misspelled name in the birth certificate, how sooner can I get it? Can I get the document the same day provided that I bring with me all the necessary supporting papers?

I did some few researches lately and asked a few people who have encountered similar problems on their NSO Birth Certificate and it’s not that easy as you think. Grrrr…!  Here it goes:

It most cases, you are required to go to the court (of course, you need a lawyer nanaman… additional gastos… ) and file for a petition stating what you’re going to correct on you Birth Certificate.  Like wrong Spelling, wrong date of birth and much worst, wrong gender. Lol?

Seriously, meron ba talagang nagkakaproblema  wrong gender sa Birth Certificate?

Ok, all we need to do is to prove to the court why their record was wrong and ours is correct. Meaning, we have to undergo court hearings and several interviews. If everything is going smoothly, that’s the time the judge will approve and endorse your petition to the local civil registry (LCR), then to the City Hall, and lastly, to NSO or known as census (SEPCA).

Easy , right? Haha..

But not so fast! Because what I’ve heard to some folks experiencing this NSO-Birth-Certificate-Agony also mentioned that this process will take more or less 6 months onwards with a chance of 50 / 50 %. Upon hearing this, my hope collapsed upside-down. Not to mention, the money, time and labor involved.

So which is going to be?

Your NSO Birth Certificate which your lifetime documents? Or Your time, money and labor which is very limited and has only a chance of 50/50%?

By the way, for those who have no idea, online inquiry and request of copies from birth certificate, marriage certificate, change name, CENOMAR and more may now be done through the online e-Census system by the National Statistics Office in the Philippines.

Guys, if you know a better and faster solution regarding misspelled name, wrong birth date & wrong gender in the NSO birth certificate, kindly please comment on this thread. Many people will be happy to hear your kind advice.