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611, 2012
  • Filipino Success Story Music Business

Filipino Success Story – I Love Music and I Earn Money Out of It

November 6th, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

In my case I’m a late bloomer and a slow starter, Im 24 and I’m still in the rat race, it took me a while to realize what I want.

I’m an artist/musician and I’ve been creating ads from different companies for the past years as a freelance artist, but then I realize that I am not getting

511, 2012
  • Filipino Success Story Piggery Business

Filipino Success Story – I Love Pigs and I Earn Money Out of It

November 5th, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

My uncle was a successful business man in the making. It was really in  his genes (Although, I don’t really believe that it is in our genes that makes us successful).

He was still in his 30’s when he realized that man needs food to survive and man will always always need food. So he thought

411, 2012
  • Dr. Richard Teo

A-Must-Read: A Doctor’s Testimony After Cancer Diagnosis

November 4th, 2012|Blog|0 Comments

I saw this on my Facebook news feed this morning, and this is definitely worth a read. I know it’s very long but I can assure you, it’s definitely worth reading.

I hope this helps you all reflect on your values and priorities in life, what makes you really, truly happy, and how you choose to

311, 2012

Filipino Success Story – I Love Real Estate and I Earn Money Out of It

November 3rd, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

Ever since, My dad had a big interest in real state. He really love real estate and had been buy and selling land when he was a lot young back then. Just like many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs out there, he also went through a lot of  failures, sleepless nights and sacrifices.

Until, he realized he

211, 2012

Questions You Might Want to Answer Before Giving Up Your Virginity

November 2nd, 2012|Blog|0 Comments

Someone sent me this article to my email this morning and somehow I feel obliged that I should share this too. This question is mostly for women but not limited to gentlemen too. Virginity is such a personal thing. You can’t judge anyone on it. It is the Pandora’s Box that women are trying to conceal and keep hidden. But do these questions pop-up on your mind?

Let’s face it.
Am I trying to prove something?
Despite *** education in schools, despite the trend toward honesty and openness about ***, many parents continue to believe that *** talk is not fit for the ears of children and that anyone under 18 is a child, therefore to be protected from movies or magazines that touch on matters like this, parents must guide them. But young people sometimes go to extremes to prove their parents wrong.
Am I afraid of losing HIM?
Often a guy, physically and emotionally less complicated wil press for intimacy before a girl is sure she wants it. She owes it to herself and to the guy to hold back.

Full participation in sexual intercourse is a major milestone in female psychology. For most, it has profound impact. It is not uncommon for a young woman to discover the unexpected force of her sexuality in her first intercourse, thus forming an attachment stronger than she had imagined possible. For this reason, many girls who are neither prudish nor inhibited choose to defer intercourse until a mutually responsible relationship has been formed.

The vast majority of girls look forward to marriage and a family. Many feel that this is the context in which they want to enjoy a total relationship with a man. They need conditions of permanence, security and mutual support before they feel right and ready for sexual commitment.
How will I feel tomorrow? Next week? Next month?

2910, 2012
  • PhilHealth Philippines Ceasarean Deductions

Philhealth for OFW: Is it really useful for us OFW’s?

October 29th, 2012|Blog|0 Comments

When PHILHEALTH released the news that they are going to increase the premium rate contribution to 2,400/year, most OFW’s raised the eyebrow and questioned its technicalities.

Do OFW’s really need PHILHEALTH? Why do OFW’s need to pay a compulsory contribution to PHILHEALTH? – These are just a few common questions that most OFW complain about. I myself complaint when I first heard about it.

My first reaction was – It is ridiculous! Most OFW’s have their own company health insurance and you want us to pay for something we don’t even benefit from it.? NO WAY! And now, you want to increase the premium contribution of PHILHEALTH per year? That’s a BIG NO for us OFW’s.

But everything changed when my wife gave birth in Philippines. (By the way, we both are OFW’s and she just went back to Phils. to give birth). During the delivery of our 2nd baby, complications happened and right away she was Caesarean Section. It was totally unplanned CS delivery and the worst part is, our budget was just enough to cover a normal delivery hence during pre-natal, everything looks normal.

Normal delivery(Private Hospitals) should have had costs us around 25k – 35k pesos only. But for C-Section, it costs us around

2810, 2012
  • Excel 2010 Cell Format Automatically Changed to Date Everytime I Restart

Excel 2010 Cell Format Automatically Changed to Date

October 28th, 2012|Blog, How-to|4 Comments

Why does my Excel 2010 Cell Format automatically change to Date Format every time I reboot my computer? I encountered a similar bug like this when our company upgraded from Excel 2007 to Excel 2010. Before the upgrade, everything was working just perfectly and I never had issue with it.

Well, the solution to this problem is very simple BUT I am not sure though if this is exactly the same FIX for everyone else out there. In my Excel 2010, I found out that my Cell Format will automatically change to Date Format the following day after I shutdown my computer after work and not every time I reboot it. I’ve tried closing the file and opening it again on the same day but the bug  WON’T appear. It’s really weird. 😀

It is really annoying hence it affects every sheet on excel file thus I need to change the format every time I opened the file the next day. Not to mention that all your data’s are messed up especially when you do some formula & reference. And NO, there are no MACRO’s running on my Excel.

So, What is the solution to this EXCEL 2010 Cell Format Auto Change to Date BUG?


2810, 2012
  • Contact Form-7 Missing Upload File

WordPress Contact Form 7 Upload File Not Working

October 28th, 2012|Blog, How-to|2 Comments

In this post, I would like to share my solution to the problem I encountered when Uploading a File using the Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin. The most common mistakes for people using this Contact Form 7 Plugin is that when you added/loaded a file to upload on your contact form and then send it,  you’ll just get the file name in the email but no actual file.

It looks like the File Upload Feature of the Contact Form 7 Plugin is not working but actually, it is working just fine. The tricky part is,  You placed the generated code tag to the wrong area, LOL.

Well, I cannot blame you for this common error because the instruction was “put this code into the File Attachments field below” and unknowingly, we will just repeat what we did to other codes, like the message body code, and paste it directly below it. But what the author really meant was to place the code to the “File Attachment Field” which is located in LOWER LEFT Corner of the Box.

Problem #2: I completely

2710, 2012

Filipino Success Story – I Love Animals and I Earn Money Out of It

October 27th, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

I’ll start with my self and the people who are closes to me. I am still 21 years old and I earn money by doing things I love the most – Animals.

From my age, not even my parents expected that I have earn a lot. First of all, I wasn’t allowed to keep any pets in the house. But still, I kept pursuing what I loved. I did a lot of research, homework and ask a lot of friends about it until I found my perfect dog or what I call my dream dogs 😀

By the way, it took me almost 6 months to convince my father to let me have a pet. A year passed, my dog was ready to give birth and eventually, it did. So, I was like WOW…. 7 puppies(20-25k each) that sold by it self and I didn’t even advertise about it. People were calling and texting me. I sold them but I keep 2 female dogs and 1 male.

No, I didn’t stop there!  Opportunity presented itself to me once again. Again, I 

909, 2012
  • Opening an account in COLfinancial

OFW: How to open an account in CitisecOnline or Colfinancial

September 9th, 2012|Blog, OFW How to Invest in Stocks|5 Comments

Hello Maxteiners! I am back!

Sorry, its been a while since I’ve updated my site. As you know, I was pretty much occuppied when I decided to invest in stocks. I’ve been endlessly reading, listening and watching tutorials on how to earn money in stocks. What a boring life, lol?

Well, YES… It’s kinda bit boring. While all my friends are OUT during weekends having party, playing & gimmicks, I was alone in my room reading books on how to earn money in stocks. Yeah, it s*cks sometimes but for me learning is fun especially if I can earn money from it. This is my road to be a multi-millionaire someday, hopefully. Hahaha.. It may not realize in the future but at least I’ve tried and thats the most important aspect in life.

Money Money Money! I’ve often heard people saying “The love of money is Evil” BUT for me “The root of all evil is the lack of money”. And its TRUE. Most people steal because they needed money to buy food, drugs or whatever reason they have. If only these guys(theif, robbers, snatchers) got enough money for their vices, then I firmly believe the crime rate would be lowered into half, I guess.

Ok, enough about the rant. xD

In my first article, “How to Open an Account with Citiseconline or COLfinancial”, I showed you how to easily open an account in CITISECONLINE or COLFINANCIAL and it only requires Php5,000. This is quiet useful for us Filipinos working abroad or OFW (like meh :D).

But then, I still got a lot of messages asking me how I open an account from Citisec or Colfinancial and the most frequently asked question was