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404, 2011
  • Xoom Philippines Scam

Xoom Philippines Scam

April 4th, 2011|Blog|8 Comments

Xoom Philippines Scam?
A week ago, a friend from DUBAI wanted to send money to someone in the Philippines. He was very skeptical in using XOOM Online Services because it was a very large amount. But then, the money was needed right away for the operation of his mother. He didn’t have PAYPAL and they don’t

404, 2011
  • Teradyne Philippines Ltd.

Working in Teradyne Cebu

April 4th, 2011|Blog|8 Comments

How is it working in Teradyne Cebu?

If you’re from Cebu and a graduate of Electronics Engineering Course, then, you’d probably hear about TERADYNE PHILIPPINES LTD. A US based company that supplies Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for the Semiconductor business worldwide.  These testers are used to test and classify the individual devices (“dies”) on a completed

404, 2011
  • Cebu Festival Songs

Download Cebu Festival Songs

April 4th, 2011|Downloads|12 Comments

Cebu Sinulog is fast approaching and perhaps you’re looking for a free downloadable festival songs in Cebu.? Well, you’ve came to right place because I just happen to bought a CD titled “Suroy-Suroy Sugbo” with all the festival songs in Cebu. To make it available to the public, I did some CD Audio Ripping using Exact Audio Copy + LAME Mp3encoder, converted to MP3 and uploaded it to the site.

Cebu Festival Songs

Cebu Festival Songs

I am supposed to rip 18 Cebu Festival Songs out from the CD but I got some technical timing errors on the audio.

Anyway, here are the list of titles of All-in-one Cebu Festival Songs which of course are FREE and downloadable

404, 2011
  • PLDT MyDSL Cebu


April 4th, 2011|Blog|4 Comments

PLDT Cebu Subscribers Experience
That was fast! I mean NOT the connection but the installation. I applied for myDSL plan 990 in Cebu PLDT Jones branch Wednesday afternoon. After 2 days, I got my Phone Line connected and finally, I already had my internet by Tuesday morning. Not bad for a span of 4 business days

404, 2011
  • Jollibee

Jollibee Recipe

April 4th, 2011|Blog|28 Comments

While we were in Boston, MA last July we went to the Burger King branch on a lark. As you can imagine, there weren’t a lot of Filipino foods or Restaurants available in US or maybe we just doesn’t knew about it. We were so excited because we sense BK might have the taste of

404, 2011
  • ECE Board Exam Reviewer Program & Leakage

ECE Board Exam Leakage

April 4th, 2011|Blog|41 Comments

ECE Board Exam Leakage
Believe it or not, there is no such thing as ECE board exam leakage. The only reason why most of us believe that it really exist was because we have studied enough and when it comes out during the exam, we often give credit to the review center and not to our

404, 2011

AVL Realty Cebu

April 4th, 2011|Blog|3 Comments

You’ve probably landed in this page because you’re looking for information about AVL realty in Cebu.  Or perhaps, acquired a lot in one of their subdivision, reserved from them or maybe you’re just doing an online-investigation about this developer. Well, I don’t know about you but this was my HELL-Like experience with AVL Realty in

304, 2011
  • Alberto's Pizza

Whois the Original? Alberto’s Pizza or Alberto Biano Homemade Pizza?

April 3rd, 2011|Blog|0 Comments

First of all, I am not affiliated with any of these establishments and I am not getting any sales commissions here but after trying Alberto’s inexpensive pizza, I think it’s time to make a savour taste review.
Alberto’s Pizza Chicken Garlic Quickmelt Cheese

I originally tasted the 11″ Chicken Garlic Quickmelt Cheese Pizza from Alberto’s Main branch

301, 2010
  • Valentines Gift 2010 - Flowers

Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for 2010

January 3rd, 2010|Pinay Stories|1 Comment

In my own opinion, the best and most wonderful valentine’s gift for 2010 that you could give to your GF would be your sincere love to him/her. However, sometimes, you really need to give some material things in order to create a memorable moments in your life.

Top 5 Valentines Gift for 2010

1. Flowers. I bet