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2402, 2011
  • The Pregnant Swimmer

Singapore: The Pregnant Swimmer

February 24th, 2011|Pinay Stories|1 Comment

I felt like a good and expert swimmer last Saturday when my hubby and I went to a public swimming complex to enjoy the weekend. It was such a great time and spending myself dipping in the pool was really a relaxing moment for me being pregnant.

It has been a long time since I wanted

2102, 2011
  • Things to prepare when baby is coming

Things to Prepare? Baby is coming

February 21st, 2011|Pinay Stories|0 Comments

Being a parent is not that easy as it seems. Lots of things to be prepared and not only baby’s things but of course self preparation to become a responsible parent. Having the courage to know what is good and not good for the baby and how to deal with the child upbringing. The ways

1802, 2011
  • Pregnancy: Is it normal?

Pregnancy: Is it normal?

February 18th, 2011|Pinay Stories|1 Comment

As I recall, the first trimester that I had was quite tough moments for me. It is the time of adjustments and was really stressful especially when I crave for some foods, and some things that I want. I become more impulsive, sensitive and out of control emotionally. There are times that I just cry

1702, 2011
  • My ruined valentines day...

My First Valentines Celebration in Singapore – a Mess!

February 17th, 2011|Pinay Stories|1 Comment

On my previous post, I mentioned how I am excited on our first valentines celebration here in Singapore. But last night(valentines night), it turns out to be in contrast to all my expectations and plans. huhuhu… I really don’t know what happened and why it happened and why everything should happened during valentines day. Much

1602, 2011
  • Working in Singapore?

What it is like to work in Singapore?

February 16th, 2011|Blog|1 Comment

When people hear about Singapore, they would certainly think it is a nice place to stay and it’s a good country to look for a job. But have you ever question yourself what it is really like to work in Singapore? What is the cost of living in Singapore? How’s the culture in Singapore? What

1502, 2011
  • Living in Singapore

What it is like to live in Singapore?

February 15th, 2011|Travel|1 Comment

Most of us wanted to have a nice and very safe place to live. Of course, a country to consider and the environment that we need to adjust are the most important factors that we have to prioritize.

In my own opinion, one of the reasons why most people wanted to go other places is to

1302, 2011
  • Filipina Pregnant in Singapore

Foreign Worker: Pregnant in Singapore

February 13th, 2011|Pinay Stories|0 Comments

I am a FOREIGNER, working here in Singapore. I was so surprise and shock at first when I confirmed that I am pregnant. It was really an exciting feeling but scared as well because I have no idea how to handle my pregnancy here in Singapore without my family with me, especially my mother. A

1102, 2011
  • Celebrating Valentines Day in Singapore Flyer

Valentines Day Gift and Ideas

February 11th, 2011|Pinay Stories|1 Comment

Valentines Day is fast approaching and I still haven’t had any idea on mind what I shall give to my hubby. My friends would say that it’s enough to be with him during that day but we’ve been accustomed to give presents and gifts during this special day of hearts. Much more it’s our first

1002, 2011
  • Pinay: Life as it Is?

Life as It Is?

February 10th, 2011|Blog|1 Comment

Hmmmm…what can i say about LIFE?

Anything goes with the universe that makes our world turns upside down. Living it with passion, courage, and whatever that makes it more colourful that we should take it more enjoyable as ever.

Life goes on and on whether your having the worse ever happenings or the best of it. Considering,

902, 2011

If I Ain’t Got You

February 9th, 2011|Travel|1 Comment

with my new angel baby zoefia

Nothing in this world can take my eyes off you. Some people think it could just be puppy love and some feelings of curiosity that makes me fall in love with you. But I never even think of what other people may say as long as I have you in me.

At times I make some crazy stuff just to make you fall in love with me but then it’s just a matter of time that makes you fall for me. Everything changes when you came around and makes my whole world go round and round.. My friends said that it could just be an illusion but I do believe that destiny brought us together to be where we are right now, in love and having same directions to live our life together in harmony.

That’s what I ever think “If I ain’t got you with me now…” the rest of my world will just be another ordinary days without surprises and not worth living for. I can be just what I want to be without someone telling me what to do and just being me.. alone .. would rather say then life is boring and just like a painting that has no colour and no impressions of what’s the importance of living life with someone so dear to you. Just what I felt If I ain’t Got you with me…

You have shown to me the very meaning of