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802, 2011
  • does life of a pinay sucks?

Life Sucks?

February 8th, 2011|Pinay Stories|0 Comments

At times I wonder if things are meant to be so damn hard. As I look back on the last 23 years, I am overwhelmed with the amount of melancholy I have felt, by the hands of others, and myself. It was recurring. When you grow up in a home where your siblings happens to

702, 2011
  • Celebrating Valentines Day 2011 in Singapore

Valentines Day 2011: Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Singapore

February 7th, 2011|Blog|0 Comments

A different celebration in a year, but it’s always been a very special celebration of hearts during Valentine’s Day. People around the globe are having the best time of giving gifts to their love ones. Lots of presents received from persons so beloved to our life.

Have we ever think of what’s the real meaning of

602, 2011
  • A mixture of emotions

A Mixture of My Emotions

February 6th, 2011|Pinay Stories|1 Comment

At times, I feel so lucky and happy being who I am and what I have in my life now.. Contentment as what others may say about it. Having my family around who always support and gives me strength to every decisions that I may have to stand for… Having my little pretty daughter whom

502, 2011
  • Manila Traffic

10 Reasons Why I Hate Manila, Philippines

February 5th, 2011|Travel|0 Comments

Finally, We decided to spent our Christmas Vacation last December 2010 in Manila, Philippines. It was a vacation  trip to anywhere in Luzon, LOL. We stayed in Sucat, Paranaque City and for 1 week time, we visited almost all SM Malls in Manila.. haha!

It’s was really fun because it’s our first time in Manila and

1101, 2010
  • Sinulog Festival 2010 Contestant

Download Sinulog 2010 Festival Songs and Pictures

January 11th, 2010|Entertainment|4 Comments

Let us embrace once again the Cebu Sinulog 2010 – the country’s largest, most expansive and most awaited festival.

This is the 30th year of Cebu’s Sinulog and the organizers call it the biggest Sinulog of all time yet! And because 2010 is an election year, we can expect a lot of politicians from all over

411, 2009
  • PLDT Watchpad: Watch Pacquiao Vs Cotto LIVE! FREE!

PLDT WatchPad: Watch TV Online FREE!

November 4th, 2009|Internet|69 Comments

Ever heard of the latest craze from Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Co. that enables ANY PLDT subscribers to watch TV Online a lot more easier and most importantly FREE.

Yesterday, I check upon this PLDTWatchpad because the banner says we can watch the upcoming fight of Manny Pacquiao Vs. Miguel Cotto “Firepower” LIVE! With NO

2510, 2009
  • Lesbians of Cebu Philippines

Lesbians of Cebu Philippines

October 25th, 2009|Q&A|15 Comments

I am trying to view peoples ideas about this. But first and foremost, please don’t argue around here. I mean, we must welcome 3rd community and not to discriminate them. Personally, I don’t believe they choose whom they’re going to be. It’s in the genes, right? Or rather, their environment where they were being raised.


2210, 2009
  • GV Tower Hotel Deluxe with Panaromic View Room

A Peek at GV Tower Hotel Cebu

October 22nd, 2009|Travel|2 Comments

Almost everyday I passed through the oldest street of Cebu – Colon St.  And every time I passed by, I always noticed the tallest building in Colon, the GV Tower Hotel, and wonder my self what Colon looks like on the top view from GV Tower Hotel Cebu branch.

And so I decided to stay 1

1910, 2009
  • Pinay: The role of sex in a relationship?

The Role of Sex in a Relationship?

October 19th, 2009|Q&A|2 Comments

A lot of things are necessary in a relationship. Trust, commitment and honesty are the basic foundation of a relationship. Then comes S*X..

Somehow, sexual compatibility is important in a relationship, particularly in married couples though on rare occasion we find a couple happily married without any S*X whatsoever. But in most cases, the quality of

1710, 2009
  • Oakley Juliet Carbon Black Iridium

I am selling my Brand New Oakley Polarized Juliet Sunglass Black Iridium Lense Carbon Frame Model 04-149 – P17,000

October 17th, 2009|Blog|7 Comments

Yohoo! My aunt’s package from US  just arrived a while ago and I am selling some of my stuff. It’s an Oakley sunglasses (Lol.. obviously it’s on the title). haha..

I really love it! (Of course, I specifically asked for this one… alam nyo na “favorite nephew”.. bleh!).  But it has no more use on me,