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1710, 2009
  • Air Fare

$49 Air Fare? Yes, it’s back on a winter sale today!

October 17th, 2009|Travel|0 Comments

Southwest Airlines announced a winter sale today with prices from $49 to $149 each way on select dates through Feb. 11 when you purchase by Oct. 15.

It is the price structure for Southwest Airlines’ new coast-to-coast airfare sale. Airfares that once sold for $49 one way, or $198 round trip, system-wide,  are now $149 one-way,

1510, 2009
  • How to Let Go of Someone You Still Love

Any Ideas on How to Let Go of Someone You Still Love?

October 15th, 2009|Q&A|2 Comments

First off all, Why should a person let go to someone he/she love in the first place? They always said “If you love someone, you’ve to let her/him go!” But WHY? Aren’t you supposed to fight for your love? I mean, you should do everything to win her/him back right?

I should tell you it’s really

1310, 2009
  • Pinay Ex-GF

How to Deal With Your Ex-Bf’s and Ex-Gf’s?

October 13th, 2009|Q&A|3 Comments

I am an emotional type of girl and it would be very hard for me to cope up with my problems in love life and I dunno how and where to pick up pieces in my life. I can’t seem to forget my ex-bf and I can’t accept him either being a friend. I am

1110, 2009
  • Pinay Wedding: Church or Cvil?

Wedding: Church or Civil or Both?

October 11th, 2009|Q&A|0 Comments

Well I think a church wedding is more important, since we are a catholic country, so we have to abide by our religious rights. But nowadays, we have to be practical, we all know that to have a wedding would cost a great amount of money, so people settle for the civil weddings,which is also

710, 2009
  • Same Sex Relationship

Same Sex Relationship – What’s your opinion?

October 7th, 2009|Q&A|1 Comment

There is no right or wrong in giving opinions.. it’s a free country anyway.

For me even the church has no right to condemned such relationships. It’s not easy accepting who or what you are when you belong to a society who only sees black and white. It’s their choice and they’re entitled to that… We

610, 2009
  • Cheating Lover

Your Lover’s A Cheater? What would you do? Why?

October 6th, 2009|Q&A|0 Comments

My cousin’s into this situation but she’s not two timer, result of chemical imbalance due to intoxication of alcohol she had a one night stand (passionate kissing and touching.. ) with her boyfriend’s bestfriend. She asked forgiveness to his boyfriend.. and yes she was forgiven but the guy ended their relationship and don’t have plans

510, 2009
  • Jacque Bermejo comment in Facebook

Jacque Bermejo Facebook Comment after Typhoon “Ondoy”

October 5th, 2009|Pinay Stories|0 Comments

So you’d probably heard about Jacque Bermejo already? The infamous OFW from DUBAI who allegedly made a reckless and insensitive remark in Facebook (FB) wall about Filipinos after the typhoon “Ondoy”.

She (Jacque Bermejo) wrote: “buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners back der! so yeah deserving what happened!”

After so many Filipinos

510, 2009
  • Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationships – Does it work? Or Not?

October 5th, 2009|Q&A|2 Comments

Well, does it work or not? Is it worth a try?

How do you stay positive when your involve with someone far away from you……..?

I think such relationship is bound to fail. It might be okay in a couple of months or so, but I do think you need a tangible representation of someone you love

210, 2009
  • Want to date a pinay?

Pinay Dating Customs, Then And Now

October 2nd, 2009|Blog|0 Comments

The pinay dating traditions have acquired a changeover of classes since the Spanish time up to the present times. Dating, romantically construed, brings a serious definition for the typical pinay, particularly in the earlier times. It commonly means sincere courting.

Then, once a pinay dated, a legion of chaperons typically drew up by her relatives and

110, 2009
  • Pinay Mail Order Bride

Pinay Mail Order Brides in the Philippines

October 1st, 2009|Pinay Stories|1 Comment

Decades past, pinays who dreamed of having a foreigner male for a partner experienced a long process. The basic road was through referrals, same foreigners who have Filipino/pinay friends, acquaintances or partners themselves.

Pen-friend pages channeled through magazines and newspapers also provided avenues for mixed association. pinays then had to communicate to their future foreign mates