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2909, 2009
  • Importance of family to filipinos

How important is your family to you?

September 29th, 2009|Travel|1 Comment

This is just a question to make a survey or poll on How important is your family to you?.

I am sure most Filipinos will say “They are next to GOD and can’t live without them” but I would wonder what other races would feel about their family.I mean, Is it all true what we all

2709, 2009
  • my PLDT DSL

PLDT DSL keeps on disconnecting?

September 27th, 2009|Internet|9 Comments

I used to love my PLDT DSL connection but now it keeps on disconnecting. At first, I thought my laptop was infected by some virus that will intermittently disable your ethernet/LAN connection. So, I did an in-depth full scan on my computer using NOD32 and Windows Defender but  nothing malicious was found.

Does anyone experience this

2609, 2009
  • Pinay Mother

Pinay Motherhood Makes A Complete Woman

September 26th, 2009|Pinay Stories|0 Comments

Once someone enounces that motherhood makes a woman complete will probably find it more apt in the Philippines than anywhere else. pinay motherhood is a serious yet a very special attribute and gift to a woman. Although the role can be difficult sometimes, the sense of fulfillment it gives a pinay can be a genuinely

2409, 2009
  • Pinay Wife

The Pinay Wife As Light Of The Family

September 24th, 2009|Travel|0 Comments

The pinay wife has many beautiful facets that many husbands can attest to. She is the devoted partner and loyal ally of her husband in all aspects of their marriage. While she remains the hands-on parent for her children, she also often helps her husband earn needed income to meet the family’s daily basic needs.


2209, 2009
  • Filipina Dating Romance

Pinay Dating Sites Have Opened New Doors For Romance

September 22nd, 2009|Pinay Stories|3 Comments

This is a time when masses get in touch people fast and easy. Through the internet, data gets transmitted and received over long distances at the speed of light. And with it people easily find a global audience with whom they share ideas, make decisions, reach agreements, close deals or find romance. Today, the cyberworld

2009, 2009
  • Pinay dating online scam

Pinays dating online: a scam?

September 20th, 2009|Blog|6 Comments

The uprising fame of online dating has drawn thousands of pinays to internet sites and programs that admit them to tie to foreigners. Male foreigners are likewise apparently attracted to pinays, if the number of on-going online relationships is any indication. Hundreds of thousands of pinays are considered chatting and exchanging e-mails with male foreigners

1709, 2009
  • How's your marital life?

To all those MARRIED Pinay and Pinoy: How’s your Marital Life?

September 17th, 2009|Travel|0 Comments

How’s your Marital Life?

Hello to all. Can somebody share, how’s your relationship with your wife/husband? For how long you stay before marriage and how long you’ve been married…

In my case, I am married for 3 years now and I cannot deny the fact that there are lots of misunderstandings and argue in our marital life.

1509, 2009
  • Filipina Divorced

Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment: What is your stand?

September 15th, 2009|Travel|0 Comments

TO: Singles, Wives, Husbands, Single Parents, Widows/Widowers, Studes, and/or people of various backgrounds – Let us know your thoughts about this subject “Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment”.

Be it about its causes or its effects, personal experiences to opinions, from studies/analysis to news…

When all else is irreconcilable, should you stay or should you leave?

Divorce, Legal Separation,

1309, 2009
  • Filipina Divorce

Would you want to put an expiry date on the marriage contract?

September 13th, 2009|Travel|0 Comments

Did you ever consider having an expiry date on you marriage contract? No more divorce, no more annulment and of course, no more waste of money in filling an annulment.

Would I want to put an expiry date on the marriage contract? No! Geez. There is a simple, preventive measure for this. Don’t get married at

1109, 2009
  • Annulment in philippines

Where and how to file an annulment in the Philippines?

September 11th, 2009|Travel|1 Comment

Why does it have to be one of my friends? Sorry for the rant but another friend of mine needs help with her annulment. She’s been mistreated by her ex-husband physically, mentally, and emotionally, even when they are not living together anymore. She wants to seek annulment, but she doesn’t really have huge funds for