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809, 2009
  • Pacquiao Vs. Cotto

Pacquiao vs Cotto Fight Results – Manny Pacquiao wins versus Miguel Cotto. Winner by TKO, 9th round

September 8th, 2009|Entertainment|17 Comments

Well? See for yourself. Manny Pacquiao pounds Miguel Cotto at 9th round. Forcing Cotto’s coach to stop the fight. Winner by TKO: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao acquire his 7th WBO Welterweight Belt. Miguel Cotto’s lost to Pacquiao vanished his record to 34-2-0 while Pacquiao gains a remarkable 50-3-2 boxing record.

That is definitely going to be the

509, 2009
  • How to become a wonderful Filipina wife

How to become a wonderful Filipina wife?

September 5th, 2009|Travel|5 Comments

For me there’s no such thing as perfect like being a perfect wife… were all humans and every now and then we commit mistakes and then, everything will be fine eventually. It’s a part of the relationship and its one way or another sign that both of you are striving to make your relationship a

309, 2009
  • Filipina in Agony Abroad

My Filipina friend’s everyday agony as a foreigner’s wife. A true story.

September 3rd, 2009|Pinay Stories|72 Comments

This is a true story of my Filipina friend who’s married to a foreigner whom she met online. It’s been a year now since she got married to a white guy. Her life has changed both financially and emotionally as a mother. Yes, she was blessed with 6-month-old cute little baby.

I know many of you

109, 2009
  • Child Favoritism

Why child favoritism exist in a Filipino family?

September 1st, 2009|Blog|0 Comments

Why does child favoritism exist in a Filipino family? Like for example, the “bunso” or youngest child gets what he wants while the eldest gets what’s left only. In effect, creates an impression of child favoritism in the family – unknowingly.

I hate to admit it but it does exist. Mostly, Child favoritism happened because of

3108, 2009
  • Filipino Siblings Fighting

Why do siblings fight to each other, like why does sibling rivalry exist?

August 31st, 2009|Travel|0 Comments

When I was a child, I often ask my self questions like; why is there favoritism in a family? Why filipino siblings fight to each other constantly? Why does rivalry exist to siblings?  Why kids fight to each other?

For me, next to our soul and our life – the relationship is the next most important

2808, 2009
  • Gsat Cable TV Philippines

Gsat Satellite TV: Cheaper than any cable TV network in the Philippines

August 28th, 2009|Technology|45 Comments

Why pay for more? Where you can now subscribe to the new GSat satellite tv or known as Direct-to-Home inexpensively.  I may sound like a dealer for Gsat but I am not. Hehe.. I am just happy about this new subscription based satellite home tv in the Philippines.

I live in a very quite remote Southern-part

2708, 2009
  • Almuranas

Gamot sa almuranas – thrombosed external hemorrhoid in English

August 27th, 2009|Blog|3 Comments

Defensively, it’s not me having Almuranas or thrombosed external hemorrhoid in English but one my friend (hahaha!). He’s really having a hard time disposing his vowel and some of our barkadas make fun of him by asking if he’s having his mens(menstruation) now and then? Hehe..

He’s done with method of preventing almuranas or hemorrhoid. Like

2608, 2009
  • magicJack

Unlimited phone calls to US and Canada using Magic Jack. Oh yeah!

August 26th, 2009|Technology|7 Comments

I love my magic Jack. I have had it for 5 months and have had never experience any down time with it. I use it just for making local and long distance calls. Actually, a relative of mine who’s currently in the US sent this device to me. According to her, Magic Jack is a good substitute for Skype or Vonage.
2308, 2009
  • Cokaliong - MV Filipinas Ozamis

Cokaliong Shipping Schedule Cebu to Iligan

August 23rd, 2009|Travel|4 Comments

Cokaliong Shipping Lines. Providing schedule and rates for Cokaliong Shipping from Cebu to Iligan and vice versa. Cokaliong Cebu to Iligan via Ozamis.
2308, 2009
  • NSO Birth Certificate

Applying Birth Certificate NSO Philippines

August 23rd, 2009|Q&A|39 Comments

Well, I know that applying for my birth certificate at NSO Philippines can be done online. And yes, it’s more hassle free compared to the decades ago in which you’ve to fall in-line for 1 whole day just to find out that you need to go back the following  day because they need another document