You’ve probably landed in this page because you’re looking for information about AVL realty in Cebu.  Or perhaps, acquired a lot in one of their subdivision, reserved from them or maybe you’re just doing an online-investigation about this developer. Well, I don’t know about you but this was my HELL-Like experience with AVL Realty in Cebu.

My HELL-Like experience with AVL Realty in Cebu

AVL Realty Cebu

AVL Realty Cebu

Early January of this year (2008), we decided to reserve a lot in a proposed subdivision from them, specifically at Villa Marcella in Cordova, Lapu-lapu City. As per initial discussion, they told us that the subdivision will be most likely developed as early as March and you can start constructing your house by mid year. Furthermore, you only need to pay approx. P350/Month for 25 yrs. because according to them it will be thru National Home Mortgage Funding but you’re required to fully-pay the balance equity. By the way, the lot price was only P1,600 per square. Sounds great right? (I bet they’ll say anything just to get you).

With all the excitement and dream of owning a lot in a subdivision, I hastily reserved 2 lots (One under the name of my girlfriend and the other one was mine).  As early as February, I already paid the full equity amount of the 1st lot and at the same time I was diligently paying P6000/Month for the 2nd lot because I opt for an in-house payment which was payable in 1 ½ year.

To make the story short, everything went well until….

My AVL Realty Cebu Hell-Like Experience

(Last week of May 2008)

They told us that the Subdivision plan was not approved by the local government. Pwede ba yun? They’re selling lot without an approved subdivision plan? (Actually, it was us who keep on asking about the status of the development – ewan ko lang if may plano ba silang i-inform kami if we didn’t inquire about it).

Eto pa: They offer us a relocation site in Sudtungan, Lapu-lapu City in which the price was P2000/sq. mtr. and if we insist to stay in the Original location, they will raise the price to P3,200/sq. mtr. dahil nga lumaki na raw ang main road sa subdivision as what was advised by the local government… Hellloooo? Kasalanan ba namin yun?

Much worst: They have no intention to refund us our reservation fee if we widthraw. Ha? Okey lang kayo? First and foremost, our reservation fee was intended for the original subdivision (Villa Marcela) project and since the changes occurred after my reservation, I am entitled to get my 100% full refund.

Later, they told us that only a portion of the money will be returned and that they will refund 100% if somebody will assume for the lot we reserved. Ano kami, bobo??? Kami pa ngayon ang maghahanap ng tao para mag assume? B!@#sh$t…

(3rd week of June 2008)

After 3 weeks of waiting for them to resolve the problem (as usual – no updates!), we officially sent a withdrawal letter to their office (AVL Realty Mandaue City, Cebu).

(1st week of July 2008)

Still… we heard nothing from them. Not even a reply letter and every time we called their office, they often say “We still have to conduct a staff meeting on this case”. It even comes to a point na binababaan nila kami sa phone. That just prove how unprofessional they are in dealing with clients.

And so, we decided to bring the case to our local Housing and Land Regulatory Board (HLURB) region 7. After probing, we found out that AVL Realty of Cebu has NO License-to-Sell yet. WTF? The HLURB encouraged us to file a criminal case to AVL Realty but then all we ever wanted was just to get our money back as soon as possible. So, amicable settlement was the best option. (Alam nyo naman government natin pag demandahan na, will took 3 yrs minimum para ma resolve ang case)

(August 2008)

HLURB Office set an amicable settlement meeting for both party but AVL Realty never showed up. Afterwards, they sent us a reply letter (which was too late already) explaining the cause for their delay and unbelievably, they also told us that they’re now going to refund us 100% (owss? Natatakot ata?).

Even though we’re doubtful on their promise, we still agreed to their terms that they will issue 2 post dated checks for the refund just to end this dilemma (Both checks had 1 month span).

(September 2008 – Our 1st check will due)

We patiently waited for the 1st check to due (plus 3 days clearing since it was a crossed check) only to find out that our check had bounced – Insufficient funds. Their alibi?? Due to Bank Problems… LOL? Banko na sinisisi nila ngayon. It’s pretty obvious na wala silang sapat na pundo sa Bangko. Where did our money go? Better yet, they offered us CASH in replacement sa first check after a week nanaman (delaying tactics, i guess).

AVL Realty Bounced Check

AVL Realty Bounced Check

(October 2008 – The 2nd check will due)

Guess what? The 2nd check also bounced and now they closed their bank account. We were expecting to get CASH but they did not. Instead, they issued us another check that will due the next month with another bank account. By now, you should be able to imagine how terrible AVL Realty does their business.

(November 2008 – Our burden ends)

Yes, we did get our 100% refund at the end but I will NEVER deal business with AVL Realty Cebu again…Ever! I hope you guys will not go through in what we’ve been and for those who had already bought a lot from this realtor – Good luck in the end.