Bantayan Island Budjong Beach Resort

Bantayan Island Budjong Beach Resort

Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

And so, I decided to unwind myself in Bantayan Island. I really love traveling places in which I’ve never been before. It makes me feel very happy and I got this sentiment emotion of achieving something new in my life.

Let me share to you my experience on getting in, directions and where to stay in Bantayan – inexpensively.

Direction going to Bantayan Island

From Cebu City North Bus Terminal, you need to take a bus to Hagnaya wharf. It is about 110 kilometers from Cebu Cty. It will take two to three hours travel time to get to Hagnaya wharf depending on the traffic situation. From Hagnaya take a ferry top cross the 18 km to Bantayan.

Lucky us, we didn’t pay any fare for the ferry boat, hahaha!. I heard the locals saying that this often happens because of the competition on both ferry boats. Hope they continue like this.. hehehe.

You’ll arrive in Santa Fe, from where you can walk to the beach. There are actually a lot of people offering free motorcycle rides going to your destination but, of course, you’d be obliged to stay on their hotels. In my case, I opt to stayed in Budyong Beach Resort. I personally choose this resort because it has a very peaceful ambiance and of course, a lot more cheaper compared to Hotels.

When you get to cool, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, friendly town folk and delicious seafood … you’re in the Island of Bantayan. It’s like entering the time and place when life was simple and quiet. It is one of Cebu’s best kept secrets.

Bantayan Island Family Outing

Bantayan Island Family Outing

The island has three municipalities namely: Santa Fe, Bantayan (proper) and Madridejos. It is in Santa Fe town where you can find most of the beautiful beaches in the island.

Unlike in Cities, I believe that locals in Bantayan are very polite and sincere. Going out at night is still safe however be always cautious especially if you’re a foreigner.

Food & Water? Don’t worry. There are a lot of restaurants and carenderias around the area which we always prefer (you already know why.. hehe). But for dinner, we constantly go for quixotic ambiance resto.

My journey always include visiting the locale Church for thanksgiving. So, I had to check-out before 12 Noon the following day – going to Bantayan Island Proper. I am always astonished to see how Old Churches managed to stay intact for so many decades. This St. Peter and Paul Parish Church was built way back 1580, can you imagine that?

Bantayan Island Church

Bantayan Island Church

Happy trip! And be sure to bring dried fish or “buwad” when you head back home…. sarap!

Bantayan Island Budjong Beach Contact#: Try contacting (63-32) 438-5700.