Beginners Guide in Building a Website

Ok, you’re a beginner and wanted to learn to build a website?  So am I….

5 years ago, I really have no idea on building a website. I am even ignorant about the internet.  Though we had C++ as our programming language, but no HTML’s or whatsoever web designing subjects were introduced to us.
But that doesn’t stop me. I knew there are tutorials out there. All we need to do is keep on learning and maintain the focus.

Anyway, I made this site to help beginners who wanted to build a website of their own. I will try my best to show and explain all the steps I’ve made in building this website from scratch.

First, I encourage you to read it through once WITHOUT clicking on any of the links just so you can understand the big picture.  Then after you’ve absorbed the info, go back and click the links for more info.

Step-by-Step Guide in Building  a Website

1. Choose a topic about your site. When I first started building a website, all I want was to show-off to my friends that I have my own cool website. Lol. So, any topic will actually do but I suggest find a topic that interests you. However, if you plan to make serious money online in the future, then you should carefully choose a nice topic. They called it “Niche Keywords”. Follow me in finding the Niche Keywords Guide.

2. Find a Domain Name. The domain name creates the address of your site.  So, “”would be an example of a domain name. In most cases, you should choose a domain that is related to your topics. Example, if you plan to build a website about “Iphone” then, you should register a domain that contains your main keyword like “”.

Beginners Guide in Building a Website

Ex. of Domain Name

Domain names are paid for yearly and you can register them at a very cheap price ($0.99 cents/1-year). I personally use Godaddy.

Warning: Most beginners will resort to use Free Sites. But I am warning you, never use a free webhosts.

Free Sites are too unstable, you never really own your site and you do not receive a true domain name.  Instead your address will be something like  In some cases, the domain may be even longer.

3. Choose a Web Host. A website cannot exist without a web host.  This is the company that houses your files and provides the environment for you to create and save pages to the Internet.

Web hosts are usually paid for monthly (some are yearly). In my case, I choose hostgator as my webhost. Why? Because it allows you to have unlimited domain hosting without spending another $$$. This is very important because once you decide to have another domain, you need not pay for the hosting. I recommend Hostgator  Baby Plan.

Warning: Again, don’t resort to FREE Webhosting.

Free Hosting support is lame, they place intrusive banner on your site, they have access on your site (meaning they can modify what they what without your knowledge), and the worst thing, they will shutdown without any notice. Then, it will be the END of all your hard work.

Wordpress Logo

WordPress Logo

4. Download WordPress. What is it? It is a FREE, Web-based ready-made software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. In other words, you DON’T need to learn html programming and web designing just to build a simple website.

Basically, wordpress will be the mainframe of your website. Once you’ve successfully installed wordpress, then you’re almost 80% done on building a website.  The remaining 20% left is for you to modify your site and make it presentable. Don’t worry! I am also going to provide you Step-by-Step process in modifying my site.

  1. Follow me in installing WordPress in Hostgator.
  2. Follow me in installing WordPress in your computer using WAMP. (This is important because you need to all modifications/graphic designs OFFLINE.  Once you finalize everything, then you may upload & publish it ONLINE.
  3. Follow me modifying my website.

Note: If your web host is Hostgator, then there’s no need for you to download it since it’s already on your cpanel in Hostgator. It is a 1-Click installation and that’s it.

You may now go back and click links for detailed information in building a website.

Remember, stay focus and if you’ve some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. I’ll be constantly updating this “Beginners Guide in Building a Website “. Bookmark this page by pressing CTRL-D.