On my last post, I decided to keep track of Bo Scanchez newly added company to his SAM’s list – MPI. I could have sold it today if I am to decide but I choose not to, hence I need to prove which method is really profitable – The EIP Method or The Swing Method.

So, Is Bo Sanchez right about adding MPI on his SAM’s list? Hell yeah!.. for now, I guess.

Metro Pacific Investment

This is the reason why you guys out there, especially OFW’s, need to invest in Philippine Stock. As we recall, I bought shares on MPI last Dec 4, 2012 at a price of P4.41/share and now it is already P5.06/share. That is already 12% on your portfolio in just 1 month. An interest that NO banks can give to their clients.

I know this price will eventually go down, probably tomorrow coz’ it’s already a 4-day straight high, but I am also sure it will rise back again. For the benefit of the doubt, I will not sell it until the price will reach P6.35/share as per Bo Sanchez suggested target price. 😀

This is my update on Bo Sanchez newly included SAM list – Metro Pacific Investment (MPI).