Bohol Philippines

Bohol Philippines

At last! Our Bohol 1-Day Tour was finally ready. My high school friend Cristine was the sole organizer of activity. She did a very remarkable job on uniting us together especially that we have already our own work and priorities in life. It almost took us a month just trying to set the final date of our trip. It was really very hard because we have to make sure that nobody will be left behind (the more, the merrier!) and our work shouldn’t be affected.

Bohol 1-Day Itinerary

Cebu Pier 3 to Tubigon, Bohol
Tubigon to Sagbayan Peak
Sagbayan to Chocolate Hills (Carmen)
Choco Hills to Man Made Forest (Bilar)
Bohol Man-Made Forest to Hanging Bridge (Sevilla)
Hanging Bridge to Loboc River

Lunch (Loboc Floating Restaurant)

Loboc River to Biggest Python Snake in Asia “Prony” (Albuquerque)
Snake Town to Baclayon Church
Baclayon to Blood Compact Site
Blood Compact to Hinagdanan Cave (Panglao)

Panglao Island Beach to Tagbilaran
Tagbilaran back to Cebu City

OMG! It was already 5:30 in the morning when I woke up. 5 missed calls & 10 SMS messages were already registered on my phone. Everybody was looking for me.

I hasten myself taking a bath & dressed up – I can never imagine how I did all those things in 7 mins. only. hehehe. I was on the taxi going to Pier 3 when my friend Crisitine told me that the ferry was about to maneuver and indeed, when I arrived, the ferry boat already departed from the harbor.

Lucky thing, another Ferry will leave within an hour. I called them again to wait for me in Tubigon, Bohol. I know they’re fuming inside, but Rules are Rules.. “No ones got to be left behind! Haha..” They were all waiting for me inside the Van for Hire (VHIRE) which we rented for P2,000 the whole day. Almost everyone gag-reprimanded me when I got inside the van telling me how stubborn I am – I deserved it anyway.

Our first stop for our 1-Day Bohol Escapade was in Sagbayan Peak.

I really missed those days…

What you’re going to witness in Sagbayan Peak are glimpse of Chocolate Hills & Butterfly Garden. This is a good place to refresh knowing you just came from a draining 1 hour and a half ferry voyage. Resto’s are accessible at the the peak.

Legend has it that the hills came into existence when two giants threw stones and sand at each other in a fight that lasted for days. When they were finally exhausted, they made friends and left the island, but left behind the mess they made. Well, They are hills made of limestone left over from coral reefs during the ice age when the island was submerged. They turn brown during the summer, hence their name.

Bohol Chocolate Hills Philippines

Bohol Chocolate Hills

Here, one can witness eight hundred hectares wide plantation of mahogany trees were planted in the year 1960’s. This is through the effort of the Local Government as well as to the private sectors of Bohol. Here one can bask and feel the freshness of the air and even stop and take a pose for a panoramic view of the trees that tried to reach each others end.

Experience yourself to another lifetime thrill crossing the Hanging Bridge in Sevilla, Bohol. The smaller picture was the panoramic view from the center of the bridge… It was a bit shaky though.

When you reach across the end of the bridge, you will certainly enjoy the entertainment of our own Legendary Pinoy “Boko King” as he peels off the coconut husk using his very strong and shiny teeth.

This is where we had our lunch. The famous Loboc River Floating Restaurant.

For only P300 per person & Eat-All-You-Can, One can enjoy the food aboard the vessel while relishing the incomparable tropical scenery along the banks of the river. You’ll never be bored because local singers are onboard and you can even request a song. One would love the beauty, nature can offer.

It is a MUST River Cruise and I bet you will never forget.

You’ll also find the Smallest Monkey in the world when in Loboc. Only in Philippines!

Bohol Tarsier in Philippines

Tarsier – Only found in Philippines

Baclayon Church is the best-preserved Jesuit-built church in the region. The Christian community in the area was organized by the Jesuits on November 17, 1596, and thereafter the visita was erected; canonically raised to the status of a parish in 1717.

The present stone church was completed in 1727. The casa parroquial was built by the Agustinian recollects in 1872. The church’s narthex has the cuadro paintings of the historical acclaimed Filipino painter Liberato Gatchalian executed in 1859. The church’s architecture, inspired by Baroque Neo-Classic, extends to its bell tower, baptistry, and schools.

Last stop? The famous resort in Bohol – Panglao Beach Resort. Enjoy!

Bohol Panglao Beach Resort

Bohol Panglao Beach Resort