Well, the day has finally come. My first time in Camotes Island – The Lost Horizon of Cebu and my first time to meet the family of the women whom I fell in love for past 8 years. Yes, 8 faithfull straight years and going stronger.

It was summer when she asked me to meet her family and I was really anxious about it BUT excited. I guess it’s pretty normal to experience this kind of feeling especially “first time” hehehe…

Camotes is a very small Island which in fact has only 4 Municipalities namely Poro, Tudela, San Francisco and Pilar. She lives in Tudela by the way. You can even go round the whole Island in just 1 day by Motorcycle or localy known as “Habal-Habal”.

Anyway, I agreed to meet her family in 1 condition (masyadong demanding!! hehe.. ): I got to visit all the beautiful natural scenery of the Island. Deep inside, I just wanted to avoid the odds talking to her family all day long. At least, I have an excuse, haha!

And so, it was prearranged!…

Directions going to Camotes Island

We travel by Ferry Boat 7:00PM @ Pier 2. There are actually 3 options in going to Camotes – You can travel through fastcraft , a pumpboat or through a ferry boat.

Of course, fastcraft is faster but costlier while pumpboat is a bit cheaper but risky when the weather goes bad. Hence, Ferry Boat is slower. By the way, there are two main ports for Pumpboat; one in Danao and one in Mandaue Ouano Wharf.

To make the story short, I met her family… “No Sweat!”. They were very courteous couples but did always remind me to take care of their daughter & if possible don’t hurt her feelings.

Now, here come’s the amazing natural views in Camotes. Cebu’s One of the best secrets. No wonder it’s called the Lost Horizon.

Bukilat Cave in Tudela Brgy. McArthur – First glance at the entrance of the cave, you would probably be afraid going in because it is kind of a dark spooky enchanted cave in which, to some believers, where the lost spirits & fairies live and shouldn’t be disturbed.

Bukilat Cave Camotes Island Philippines

Bukilat Cave Camotes Island

I must admit that I was afraid at first but when I was inside, I was stunned to its wonderful beauty. You can also go for dip to the pool-like waters inside the cave when the sea is at High tide.

Mangodlong Rock Island in San Francisco Camotes – In this rock islet, a hanging bridge is connected to another little islet of purely coconut designed hut/cottage.

Rock Island Camotes Island Philippines

Rock Island Camotes Island

Too bad it was low tide by the time we arrived in the area. And here’s a trick, the resort normally collects entrance fee whenever you enter inside their resort but for those who just wanted to take some photographs, just ask a favor to the person in charge stationed at the entrance booth and inform him that you’re not staying any longer and you just want to get pictures. The locals in Camotes are very polite and well-mannered. So, don’t be rude in asking.

Lake Danao Park in San Fran – Who doesn’t like fishing? But I wouldn’t be fishing a lot if I were you because every fish you catch has an equivalent cost charged by the Park Caretaker.

Lake Danao Camotes Island Philippines

Lake Danao Camotes Island

This a lake park where you can do picnic, fishing and boating. A paddle boat is available for you to go around the lake. You can also use the boat in going across a small island at the center of the lake. The park opens 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We did went to Green Lake Park where crocodiles are said to be rampant on the area before ( I didn’t see one anyway), Quarry View Park which is situated in the mountain Top of AltaVista, Poro Municipality. I wish I can show you some of the magnificent scenery during sunset but my Digital camera went low batt.

After dinner time, we went to the famous Santiago bay where the water is only deep knee high and you have to walk so far out into the sea if you want to go deeper.

Days later, It was time for us to leave. I wanted to stay because I really enjoyed my stay in their house and I was already getting acquianted to her family. Kinda sort of a Father-in-Law Bonding Relationship? hehe… Her father drive us back to Poro. We then took the Pumpboat back to Cebu. I may have not seen all the scenic spots but the beauty of Camotes still enchants and visits me in my dreams every now and then.