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605, 2015
  • Brunei-Identity-Card

How to get a Police Certificate in Brunei

May 6th, 2015|Blog, How-to|0 Comments

Oftentimes, people are asked to get a police clearance from a certain country because they are applying for a Permanent Resident in Canada or Australia. A certificate is required from all countries where you have resided for a period of six months or more since turning 18.

This requirement is actually quiet troublesome for most applicants who already left

102, 2014
  • YouTube partner confirmation

How to apply for a YouTube Partnership Program via an application?

February 1st, 2014|Blog, How-to|0 Comments

If the many who are interested to monetize or earn money by uploading videos in YouTube with ads on it but suddenly stumbled upon and learnt that the YouTube Monetisation feature is currently not available in your country, fear not, you’re not alone and there is a work around for this.

I will show you

2001, 2014

Google Authenticator Apps crashes in Sony Xperia Z

January 20th, 2014|Blog, How-to|0 Comments

Does your Google Authenticator crashes immediately when you hit up the setup button in your Sony Xperia Z? And installing / re-installing the Google Authenticator doesn’t work too?

Well, you probably don’t have a problem after all but on your Google Settings. 99.9% of this issue is caused when you switch phone to phone. Either from

1511, 2012
  • Magento-Admin-Login-Problem

Admin Login Problems in Magento 1.7

November 15th, 2012|Blog, How-to|0 Comments

Great! You’ve successfully installed Magento 1.7 in your server or local server and now you’re very anxious to login on your first Magento’s Admin Panel.

You’d hurriedly type into your url browser http://localhost/index.php/admin and input the username and password you’ve recently created but NOTHING happens. Instead you got an Error…  😳

You’ve tried to input the default username:

1411, 2012
  • hosts Magento 1.7 Wamp server 2.2

How to Install Virtual Host using WAMP Server for your Magento 1.7 Setup

November 14th, 2012|How-to|0 Comments

Ok, I normally use WAMP Server to setup my own local server machine. I use it on my WordPress site, Drupal, and now with Magento 1.7. Basically, I place everything under one common roof “D:\wamp\www” folder. At first, it’s kinda easy to remember which folder name I put my wordpress site and my drupal site

1311, 2012
  • PHP5.3.0-magento1.7

Install Magento 1.7 using WAMP 2.2e

November 13th, 2012|How-to|0 Comments

Install Magento 1.7 using WAMP 2.2e 

On Magento official site, they clearly stated that Magento 1.7 does not work on WAMP 2.2x and we may need to use WAMP 2.1. However, there is a work around on this issue and I’ve managed to install Magento 1.7 on my local server WAMP 2.2d 😉

By the way, I

2810, 2012
  • Excel 2010 Cell Format Automatically Changed to Date Everytime I Restart

Excel 2010 Cell Format Automatically Changed to Date

October 28th, 2012|Blog, How-to|4 Comments

Why does my Excel 2010 Cell Format automatically change to Date Format every time I reboot my computer? I encountered a similar bug like this when our company upgraded from Excel 2007 to Excel 2010. Before the upgrade, everything was working just perfectly and I never had issue with it.

Well, the solution to this problem is very simple BUT I am not sure though if this is exactly the same FIX for everyone else out there. In my Excel 2010, I found out that my Cell Format will automatically change to Date Format the following day after I shutdown my computer after work and not every time I reboot it. I’ve tried closing the file and opening it again on the same day but the bug  WON’T appear. It’s really weird. 😀

It is really annoying hence it affects every sheet on excel file thus I need to change the format every time I opened the file the next day. Not to mention that all your data’s are messed up especially when you do some formula & reference. And NO, there are no MACRO’s running on my Excel.

So, What is the solution to this EXCEL 2010 Cell Format Auto Change to Date BUG?


2810, 2012
  • Contact Form-7 Missing Upload File

WordPress Contact Form 7 Upload File Not Working

October 28th, 2012|Blog, How-to|2 Comments

In this post, I would like to share my solution to the problem I encountered when Uploading a File using the Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin. The most common mistakes for people using this Contact Form 7 Plugin is that when you added/loaded a file to upload on your contact form and then send it,  you’ll just get the file name in the email but no actual file.

It looks like the File Upload Feature of the Contact Form 7 Plugin is not working but actually, it is working just fine. The tricky part is,  You placed the generated code tag to the wrong area, LOL.

Well, I cannot blame you for this common error because the instruction was “put this code into the File Attachments field below” and unknowingly, we will just repeat what we did to other codes, like the message body code, and paste it directly below it. But what the author really meant was to place the code to the “File Attachment Field” which is located in LOWER LEFT Corner of the Box.

Problem #2: I completely