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1511, 2012
  • Filipino Success Real Estate

Filipino Success Story – Real Estate, Construction and Allied Services, Micro Land Development

November 15th, 2012|Filipino Success Story|2 Comments

Ok here’s mine. I am an Engineer and I really love great architecture from stone age to ancient to classic to medieval to renaissance to contemporary..all of it 😀 .

None of our family are entrepreneurs. My father is just a security guard and he was able to raised us single-handed during the first few years

611, 2012
  • Filipino Success Story Music Business

Filipino Success Story – I Love Music and I Earn Money Out of It

November 6th, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

In my case I’m a late bloomer and a slow starter, Im 24 and I’m still in the rat race, it took me a while to realize what I want.

I’m an artist/musician and I’ve been creating ads from different companies for the past years as a freelance artist, but then I realize that I am not getting

511, 2012
  • Filipino Success Story Piggery Business

Filipino Success Story – I Love Pigs and I Earn Money Out of It

November 5th, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

My uncle was a successful business man in the making. It was really in  his genes (Although, I don’t really believe that it is in our genes that makes us successful).

He was still in his 30’s when he realized that man needs food to survive and man will always always need food. So he thought

311, 2012

Filipino Success Story – I Love Real Estate and I Earn Money Out of It

November 3rd, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

Ever since, My dad had a big interest in real state. He really love real estate and had been buy and selling land when he was a lot young back then. Just like many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs out there, he also went through a lot of  failures, sleepless nights and sacrifices.

Until, he realized he

2710, 2012

Filipino Success Story – I Love Animals and I Earn Money Out of It

October 27th, 2012|Filipino Success Story|0 Comments

I’ll start with my self and the people who are closes to me. I am still 21 years old and I earn money by doing things I love the most – Animals.

From my age, not even my parents expected that I have earn a lot. First of all, I wasn’t allowed to keep any pets in the house. But still, I kept pursuing what I loved. I did a lot of research, homework and ask a lot of friends about it until I found my perfect dog or what I call my dream dogs 😀

By the way, it took me almost 6 months to convince my father to let me have a pet. A year passed, my dog was ready to give birth and eventually, it did. So, I was like WOW…. 7 puppies(20-25k each) that sold by it self and I didn’t even advertise about it. People were calling and texting me. I sold them but I keep 2 female dogs and 1 male.

No, I didn’t stop there!  Opportunity presented itself to me once again. Again, I