Cristina Ramos

Cristina Ramos

Yesterday, I heard the news about the formers President’s daughter, Cristina Ramos, filing a sexual harassment against the Philippine Team Azkals claiming two of the members – Lexton Moy made an indirect joke when she entered the mens locker room and Angel Guirado presented himself in front of Cristina Ramos in nothing else but his briefs.

Well, what do you really expect inside a mens locker room in the first place? I am not an avid fan of Azkals neither I tolerate harassment but in this case, I personally think Cristina Ramos filing harassment is too much but definitely Guirado, especially Moy’s behavior should not be tolerated.

And I do hope that the recent actions of Cristina Ramos isn’t just her own publicity knowing Azkals is famed nowadays & 2013 elections is very near. Come to think of it, why do we need to report to media instead of AFC local football body? Ok, Lets just say she already reported to the local body but is there really need for a media just to file a harassment? In my opinion, It looks to me like she just need attention.

By the way, why does Cristina Ramos really need to go inside the men’s locker?
Can someone help me remember the reason for it? I can’t seem to recall how important it was that it cannot wait for a few minutes and thats why she really need to go inside a mens locker… do you?

Anyway, I hope our Football Federation is going to discipline these guys and good luck to Cristina Ramos in filing a harassment case to the group. How would she able to prove it? Thats a problem to her lawyers. 😀