This is the 2nd time my friend took the examination for DUBAI Aluminum (DUBAL) as an Instrumentation Technician. The first DUBAL screening exam took place in Richmond Hotel Cebu and lately in Marriott Hotel Cebu City. Both attempts failed, sob.

DUBAL Exam Leaked?

DUBAL Exam Leaked?

He, however, passed on every test but fails on the interview. The same Pakistani guy who interviewed him before. He said that the interviewer was so narrow minded. He doesn’t see people who have the potential and does not give any chance to those who had no current experience about industrial instrumentation – people who handles PLC on a day to day basis. duh?

Anyway, to those who want to pass the DUBAI ALUMINUM EXAM (DUBAL EXAM), here some tips and topics you need to study. The examination were composed of 5 categories for Instrumentation Technician, namely: Instrumentation, Automation, Digital Electronics, Process Control & PLC’s.

Now here are some actual exam leakage for Instrument Technician in DUBAI ALUMINUM (DUBAL Exam Leakage) which took in Marriot Hotel Cebu City. It looks to me that my friend already loose hope about this company for the reason he wants to share his experience. Here it is:

  1. Type material is used in  thermocouple which has a high sensitivity.
  2. Capacitive Proximity Sensor
  3. Inductive Proximity Sensor
  4. Vortex Flowmeter
  5. Proportional Bin Level Sensor
  6. Displacement & Velocity
  7. Absolute Pressure/Atmospheric Pressure
  8. Pressure Measurements
  9. Thermocouples
  10. Equipment used to detect gas leak
  11. Color of a fire if it lacks pressure or gas
  12. Hydrocarbon Gas Sensor
  13. Dead Weight Tester
  14. Load Cell
  15. Series – Parallel Circuit
  16. Find the power, total resistance & voltage.
  17. NAND Gate (Universal Gate)
  18. Binary to Hex & Hex to decimal
  19. Multiplexer/Demultiplexers
  20. Find the no. of turns / voltage on a transformer.
  21. Logic Gates
  22. Ethernet Topology
  23. Raid 1 (Mirroring)
  24. PLC’s

According to him, if you’re an Electronics Technician or Engineer, then you would probably pass the the DUBAL exam hence they are actually basics except for Instrumentation category which focuses more on automation, process control , hydraulics, pneumatics and sensors. Of course, this would be very easy also for those who really work as an Instrument technician.

What about the Interview questions? Hmmm… Don’t worry because if you really had an actual experience in the field of PLC’s (AT PRESENT), then you’re considered hired. If not, then Goodbye! hehe..

Goodluck and I hope you’ll find this Dubai Aluminum (DUBAL) leakage exam useful. Cheers!

By the way, for those who also took the DUBAL exam, please add more leak questions by leaving a comment or message below. Thanks!