ECE Board Exam Leakage

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as ECE board exam leakage. The only reason why most of us believe that it really exist was because we have studied enough and when it comes out during the exam, we often give credit to the review center and not to our self.

Most of the review center regularly claim that they got a leakage in which they promise to reveal it during refresher or coaching session. Nice marketing strategy right? Indeed, I believe it’s the best tactic to attract more and more reviewers. But the truth? – There ain’t such an ECE exam leakage.

Without a doubt, what they only got was questions from the past ECE board exam. And how do they get hold of it? – From their reviewers themself who just recently took the exam. It doesn’t come from the PRC staff nor to the examiners (which they also happen to claim that they are good friends).

In exchange for free tuition, refresher & coaching, they often ask these top students to memorize 5 or more difficult questions during actual board exam which will then be named as the infamous “ECE leakage” for the next batch.

Okay! I don’t possess any hatred on review centers as what you may initially think of me. In fact, I thank them for what I am now. I just can’t stop thinking that most reviewers will enroll on a specific review center just because that center claimed to have such leakage. Forget it dude.. If you don’t study, you will never pass! Leakage’s are for college days only.

Basics to pass the ECE board exam – Practice solving MATH problems, Understand ELECTRONICS principle and Memorize COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM (at least, if you find it hard to understand its concept).

Well, the least thing I can do now is to share some of my ECE resources – a software based questionnaire (runs in DOS) . See screenshots below. Free to download.

ECE Board Exam Reviewer Program & Leakage

ECE Board Exam Reviewer Program

ECE Board Exam

For those who are also willing to contribute their resources or perhaps share some ECE board exam questions (who recently took the exam) – you may post it here.

Latest Update on 2009 ECE board exam leakage:

Although there is a rumor about ECE exam leakage (2009), the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will still announce and release the result tomorrow. I know a lot of ECE students who recently take the said board exam have exposed to the public via TV Patrol World that there have been a leakage disseminated by a certain review center based from Manila prior to the board exam.

It’s absurd if there was a leakage for ECE 2009 exam! Not after the Philippine Nursing Board Exam scandal. In my opinion, I am positive that PRC won’t find any evidence about it or let’s just say, they wont exert a lot of effort for this. Why? Obviously, if they do, and happen to prove that there was indeed a leakage, then PRC itself will loose its credibility and integrity in which Filipinos cannot afford to lose during this time of crisis.

I recently saw the latest broadcast from TV patrol in an interview with PRC and guess what?, No proof or evidence based from the results that there was an exam leakage for ECE 2009 hence the average number of passers are within typical range.

ECE Board Exam Reviewer Download

Update: How to Pass the ECE Board Exam?

Recently I got a lot of message asking me how to pass the ECE Board exam. Again,  there’s no shortcut. You have to sweat and study hard. My advice? Make sure you pass the Math Subject. It will boost your confidence on the 2nd day of exam which is Communication & GEAS.

Anyway, the reason why I made this page is to help YOU. So, I am compiling here the actual ECE Board Exam Questions. To all who already pass the exam, you may post questions you’ve remembered. The important thing is WE PASS!.. One question is very important. Leak or Not? I don’t really care..

So please share. Below are actual ECE Board Exam Questions: (It’s up to you to review)

1. yung sa akin tol’ meron lumabas CRC problems (ex. 010111011) sa communication system. 2 numbers din yun’, sayang! pero ok lang, pasado naman ako! hehehe.. Hope it helps sa mga mag take palang ng exam!

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