Pinoy Seafarer

Pinoy Seaman

Yeah, you’ve heard me right! $4000 monthly is easy to achieve if… you’re a seaman or seafarer in the Philippines. No wonder why there are so many young generation nowadays will took a seaman ‘s course like Nautical or Marine Engineering.

Most of my uncles are seafarers and I am telling you, they’re bringing Millions every time the got home from a 6 to 8 months voyage. Ever imagine how hard to earn it if here at an age of 27? Of course, they’re also spending thousands, probably all of their savings, for beers, drinks, pasalubongs and etc.  For the reason, they are also known as “The 1 day Millionaire”.

Envy from my uncle’s fast prosperity (Oh I hate to admit it..), I decided to ask them if I can become a seaman or a seafarer even if I am not a graduate of Marine Engineering or Nautical course.  And whoalaaahh! All their replies were a BIG “Yes!”

In my case, I am a Licensed Electronics Engineer who wants to become a seaman. Well, don’t expect that you’ll turn into a Captain, forget it, it will never happen. Instead, you will become as the Ship’s Electrician. Sounds like a low profile or low paying job? Don’t doubt this electrician thing job because this will earn you $4000/Month Tax FREE. And did you know that this position has an equivalent salary of the ships 2nd Mate? I bet you don’t.

However, you can’t beat the Captains or Chief Engineers Salary – $8000 to $10,000 per month. Yes! It is still tax free plus bonuses.

For those licensed Electronics Engineer who also desire to become a Ship Electrician, here are some the basic requirements to become a seaman. This varies in every agency or principal sponsor but should be commonly required in most cases.

  1. Basic Safety Training (BST) formerly known as SOLAS
    1. After BST, you may obtain your seaman’s book.
    2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (PSCRB)
    3. Ship Security Awareness
    4. Marine Pollution I-VI (You should ask your agency which subject to take)
    5. Engine Watchkeeping

This may look like a few subjects only but It will probably cost you P30,000 all in all including day to day expenses. Better yet, acquire all this courses in Tacloban good for 1 ½ Months. They have an inhouse dorm which only cost you P30/day.

And lastly, becoming a new seafarer isn’t that easy as it sounds. You need connections and “backers” to help you get inside an agency especially if you don’t have any sea experience yet. Once you have it, then you’re good to go.