Filipina Divorce

Would you consider now having expiry date on your marriage?

Did you ever consider having an expiry date on you marriage contract? No more divorce, no more annulment and of course, no more waste of money in filling an annulment.

Would I want to put an expiry date on the marriage contract? No! Geez. There is a simple, preventive measure for this. Don’t get married at all and besides, isn’t there an expiry clause in marriage sacrament? “Till Death do the married couple part”.

However, some people might actually agree on this one. Why? Because it is a given fact that it is too easy to obtain a marriage contract in the Philippines however, it is very difficult to have it annulled. We can’t really blame their ideals because some Filipinos and Filipinas are, in reality, suffering from their marriage which often leads to adultery, battered wife, and even to death.

It’s practicality. For them, given the chance of having an expiry date on your marriage would be an advantage for troublesome couple.  Yes, it will be a benefit for those who got married at an early age due to “disgrasya or unexpected pregnancy” and then in the long run they realized that what they did was wrong at the start. Chances are they will not renew their marriage contract. Hahaha.. Funny, but sometimes it’s also a very clever idea.

What if this happened to you?  Having an irresponsible husband, drug addict, became a battered wife, you’re the only one working and your husband stays at home playing majong, and much worst, cheats on you. I should know, I’ve met so many Filipino families experiencing this day-to-day agony on their marriage life and can’t wait to leave their husband/wife. If only annulment process in the Philippines is easy and not costly, they would have had filed for it.

Now would you consider having an expiry date on your marriage if you were on their situation?