Filipina in Agony Abroad

Filipina in Agony Abroad

This is a true story of my Filipina friend who’s married to a foreigner whom she met online. It’s been a year now since she got married to a white guy. Her life has changed both financially and emotionally as a mother. Yes, she was blessed with 6-month-old cute little baby.

I know many of you may NOT agree with it (including me) but in one way or another , the foreigner has also a point. I actually heard some news about it – The Alleck Baldwin Mail Order Bride remarks that enrages Philippines and Filipinos around the globe.

Anyway, here are her agonies:

  1. My husband thinks our best tourism is the Filipina girls, and that’s why he came here, then he met me.
  2. He doesn’t want our kid to live here because streets are the playground of the children, basing to what he saw.
  3. Our politicians are corrupt; he kept asking me where our 12% vat go.
  4. He laughs at small shanty houses in major roads; coz for him it’s terrible to see.
  5. He never rides PAL, or sea ships of the Philippines .
  6. Those Filipino vehicle drivers are “Crazy” or “Boang”, no clues and never give way to ambulance.
  7. Hospitals are too far to be alive.
  8. That ambulance brings you dead on arrival.
  9. That majority of us live in 2 dollars a day.
  10. That everybody wants to leave the country.
  11. That government agencies is money greedy, he can prove it.
  12. That majority just eat rice and fish.
  13. That we fight with each other.
  14. That we do not produce anything, if we do no quality.
  15. That we suppose to have a very beautiful place but the government is busy in corruption.
  16. Homes here don’t have grasses.
  17. He wonders what country’s future be.
  18. And more

All these are present in his husband mind and there’s no way she can change it. He shakes his head to our Country. It’s killing her softly and of course, she’s hurt.

I knew my friend! She has been defending Philippines ever since.  But according to her, his husband always give counter reasons and it just makes her looks-like a no clue Filipina too!

Are there any Filipina out there who got married to a foreigner or white guy and experienced this kind of agony to their husband?