I’ll start with my self and the people who are closes to me. I am still 21 years old and I earn money by doing things I love the most – Animals.

From my age, not even my parents expected that I have earn a lot. First of all, I wasn’t allowed to keep any pets in the house. But still, I kept pursuing what I loved. I did a lot of research, homework and ask a lot of friends about it until I found my perfect dog or what I call my dream dogs 😀

By the way, it took me almost 6 months to convince my father to let me have a pet. A year passed, my dog was ready to give birth and eventually, it did. So, I was like WOW…. 7 puppies(20-25k each) that sold by it self and I didn’t even advertise about it. People were calling and texting me. I sold them but I keep 2 female dogs and 1 male.

No, I didn’t stop there!  Opportunity presented itself to me once again. Again, I breed another animals – Ornamental FISH and I sell them when they are at the right size and at the right price 😉

I bought and raised my dogs with my allowance money which my parents provide but I didn’t ask money for dog food and other expenses.

STATUS OF BUSINESS: Doing great from dogs to fish, inverts, reptiles and snakes. Our house is almost like a ZOO. hahaha!

LENGTH OF TIME: 2 years already. 😀

I never knew I was doing this unconsciously and will still improve my self on this. God speed to all.  Sometimes, it gave me chills when I look back.