Ever since, My dad had a big interest in real state. He really love real estate and had been buy and selling land when he was a lot young back then. Just like many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs out there, he also went through a lot of  failures, sleepless nights and sacrifices.

Real Estate

Until, he realized he was doing something wrong. He imagined that 30 years from now he wouldn’t have a stable source of income by just buying real estate / land parcels. So, he decided to invest in something else.

First, he tried to venture in monthly rentals and soon he was able to build a boarding house. The income from the 1st boarding house then funded his next project which was apartments and eventually his biggest project was making a pension house. ^^

Now and for the last 20 years or so, he doesn’t even have to wake up for bed or even need to move a muscle to make money. Money works for him now. ^^

STATUS OF BUSINESS: still going on

LENGTH OF TIME: over 30 years