Filipino Success Real EstateOk here’s mine. I am an Engineer and I really love great architecture from stone age to ancient to classic to medieval to renaissance to contemporary..all of it 😀 .

None of our family are entrepreneurs. My father is just a security guard and he was able to raised us single-handed during the first few years of our life. I keep on thinking how he was able to do it but he did… 😉 – I am so proud of my father.

Good thing my mother is a graduate in education presented herself to help my father . On my high school, my mother became the breadwinner as a public school teacher. My father lost his job & goes from agency to agency.

I started real estate after a frustrating employment. I don’t know anything about real estate business but I persisted. Blissfully, I was able to get in under a national real estate developer. From there, I learned the marketing skills & the hows. I am an engineer by profession learned to do marketing excellently that my team topped all the awards for 2 consecutive years.

After that I eventually became independent and created my own. My aces are leadership & marketing. These are my two fortes. With my love for architecture, I combined these three and created a construction company.


STATUS OF BUSINESS:  We are going now for nationwide construction as opportunities in Bohol, Zamboanga, Bukidnon & Tarlac presented itself.