Yes, we all passed thru under my grandfather coffin when he was about to be buried and it’s very important that you only passed once. I really don’t know the logical reason behind it because I just followed back then what my older relatives told us.

Culture of Filipinos? Passing under the Coffin..

Culture of Filipinos? Passing under the Coffin..

Could this be one of the cultures of Filipinos? Or Could it be a Chinese belief?  (My grandfather was a half Chinese btw) I asked my mother about it and she said “We do that because it’s a sign of respect to the dead and it shows that we all asked forgiveness to him so he can rest in peace.

Funny because why not do this while he has still alive? I mean, why do people only realized the importance of a person when he/she is already dead? Why must conversions always come so late? Why do people always apologize to
corpses? My grandfather had 8 daughters & 5 sons – he had bicker with his youngest son decades ago and since then they never talked to each other. It’s very sad my grandfather died with his heart unfulfilled.

Farewell to my Great Grand Father...

Farewell to my Great Grand Father…

By the way, my LOLO died because of  Myocardial Infarction or commonly called M.I., otherwise known as a heart attack. Weird because he’s never been high blood and we constantly monitors his BP. In fact, during the time he was rushed to the hospital, the nurse recorded a BP of 110/70.  Suddenly after a few minutes, he died.

This is the most “traitor” illness according to the doctor… She even mentioned that the late Fernando Poe died because of this sickness.

6 Feet under... huhuhu..

6 Feet under… huhuhu..

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