Yes, you’ve read the header right! It’s totally FREE and Unlimited texting (SMS) in the Philippines. You don’t pay anything. This is actually an old stuff for me but I still find people not maximizing the benefit of this service.

I am talking about CHIKKA text Messaging. It is FREE Text Messenger software for your pc for texting and sms to mobile phone to pc. I know most of you have already heard of it but did you know that you can send unlimited text or sms to any network here in the Philippines for FREE?

Crap? Perhaps you’re thinking that CHIKKA only offers 3 free texts messaging per day and requires the receiver to reply at least 1 of your messages to continue sending him more messages? And worst, it charges your friend P2.50/SMS once he/she replied.

Then, you’re WRONG.

There’s a software bug in chikka in where you can now send unlimited text messages or SMS without having your friends to reply. My old buddy first told me about this bug and I just thought I could share this method hence I’ve using this for 3 years already. Of course, you need an internet connection for this.

Now here’s the method.

    1. Download and Install Chikka Software to your PC.
    2. Run the application.  Send Message / Add Buddy.
Chikka Download

Chikka Download

    1. Start sending FREE text (SMS) to your friends (Up to 3 only)
    2. By the time you’ll send the 4th sms, a Chikka System Message will pop-up.
Chikka System Error"

Chikka System Error”

  1. Remove your buddy by right clicking the name on the list, DELETE BUDDY.
  2. Then Send Message / Add Buddy again. (Just repeat procedure 3 to 6)
  3. End

It’s absolutely FREE and unlimited SMS text messaging to any network in the Philippines. I find this very useful when texting your friends and relatives abroad.  Cheers!

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