Does your Google Authenticator crashes immediately when you hit up the setup button in your Sony Xperia Z? And installing / re-installing the Google Authenticator doesn’t work too?

Well, you probably don’t have a problem after all but on your Google Settings. 99.9% of this issue is caused when you switch phone to phone. Either from iphone to android, iphone to blackberry, android to blackberry & vice-versa and it can be easily resolved in the Google Security Settings.

Here’s the 6-simple steps in fixing Google Authenticator Crash Issue in Sony Xperia Z or Android:

  1. Go to your Google Account Security Settings. ( security settings
  2. Click “2-Step Verification Settings”
    Google Authenticator 2-Step Verification
  3. Under the verification settings, choose “Move to a different Phone”Google Authenticator Move to Different Phone
  4. Select your new phone type. (Even though Android to Android)Google Authenticator Move to Different Phone
  5. Setup the Google Authenticator. Now, here’s the tricky part. We both know that your Google Authenticator Apps will crash immediately when you launch “Begin Setup” and it is impossible to scan a barcode using your Sony Xperia Z. So, the work around for this is to use the back-up options, which I set to, send verification code thru SMS to my own phone. number.Google Authenticator Backup Options
  6. Once you received a SMS, insert this code, verify and save… viola!!
    Google Authenticator Scan Barcode

Hopefully, this guide will fix your problem when launching Google Authenticator Apps in your Sony Xperia Z. Please leave a comment if it helps. Cheers!