Hey, we always hear girls asking “How would they know if a guy is serious with them?” This is a common question to every pinays out there who are about to fall in-love or perhaps, are already in-love, but suppress their feelings because they’re too scared to suffer again from a ruined relationship .

Basically, my question is just the opposite from above. “How would we guys (PINOYs) know if the girl is serious?

Yeah, I know girls are generaly sincere… well so are we men. But there are always quite some exceptions, right?

How do you know a pinay girl is serious in a relationship?

How do you know a pinay girl is serious in a relationship?

I must have read somewhere on women’s magazine that sometime women can deal perfectly with their emotions but when they really fall for someone, their pretention wall starts to break.You would know, just by looking straight in their eyes, just by the way their eyes talk even if they say nothing.

Just staring at you, you would know based on how they hold your hand and especially when they start doing silly and corny things which they hate to do before they’re not under the spell of love, yet they still do it.  😉

So how can you tell if a girl is serious with you? What are the tell-tale signs? Please share because I am deeply confused right now! hehehe