Do you believe in God? How Old Are You When You Believe and Proved That GOD Really Exists? My friend Josh asked.

Belive in God

“I believe in GOD since I was a little child” I replied. My parents brings us to church every Sunday, we listen to the priests, I was baptized when I was a baby and was baptized(Confirmation) again when I was 18. So, I do believe in GOD.

But again, how do you know that GOD really exists? asked my nonbeliever friend. Some people really need a proof in order to believe in something and Josh is one of them. He’s a free thinker (at least, that’s what he said). He doesn’t mock Jesus or any religion. And in fact, he is really a decent, well-respected person and a very good friend of mine.

Uummm… So this guys really need a proof? I think so hard deeply that I wanted to prove to him right away, at that moment,  that GOD really exists. But I can’t think of any. I’ve spoken to a non-believer before and I know for sure that he doesn’t accept answers like “It’s FAITH…”, “That God is the alpha and the Omega…” and “That human brain is so complex that no one could have had created it…” etc.. etc..

“This is indeed a difficult question” I told to myself. Especially when you are talking to a person who never believe in GOD since the day he was born. In fact, when I was a kid, I also wonder and asked my parents “Who created humans? And they would answer “God”. And Who created god? I followed up a question. And then, they just avoided this question by simply telling us “We should not ask these questions because its like mocking Jesus Christ. We just need to believe & have Faith in HIM a”.

And so, I honestly told him that I cannot prove/show to him (literally) that God really exist. However, I did share my life’s experience that convinced & proved thyself that GOD exists in our life. Like any Catholic, Yes, I am a believer since I was a child but the question is when did you exactly felt to yourself that GOD is there? Have you experience the feeling of touch from Jesus Christ our God?

I was 12 years old back then when I had a pneumonia. It was so severe that I can’t even stand up for 5 minutes. And that, I had to gasp air to breath every time I get up from by bed. This agony continues week after week and my parents didn’t brought me to the hospital telling me it’s just an ordinary cough. But I know, deep inside, we don’t have money to pay for the hospital admission… [To be continued…]