Oftentimes, people are asked to get a police clearance from a certain country because they are applying for a Permanent Resident in Canada or Australia. A certificate is required from all countries where you have resided for a period of six months or more since turning 18.

This requirement is actually quiet troublesome for most applicants who already left the country. What if you’re an expat? You probably have lived more than 3~5 countries since you turn 18 right?. But again, what can we do, this is a strict requirement for the immigration process.

For our case, we are asked to get a Brunei Police Certificate or Police Certificate of Good Conduct. Yeah I know it is stated in the CIC website that you can apply for the certificate through the Brunei Darussalam Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence but believe me, it’s not worth-ed.

We just waste our $50 for nothing and they don’t even have definite schedule on when you collect the certificate. Every time we call the embassy, they will just answer it hasn’t arrive yet and it will take a minimum of 3 months. And often you will hear them saying we will just call you once it we receive it. Really!

So, how can I get a Certificate of Good Conduct in Brunei fast? My recommendation is to go to Brunei and apply for yourself.  This is the fastest method. However, you can also apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct on behalf of others. You can submit an application on behalf of others if you are able to provide all the necessary documents required as below. This is the same requirement if you go there personally.

  1. To apply for a certificate of Good Conduct, the applicant is required to fill in a CRF1 form (which can be downloaded HERE or from the RBPF Website. It can also be obtained from the Criminal Record Unit Office itself or in Police Headquarters Building in Gadong.
  2. Copy of the applicant’s passport
  3. Identity card (This refers to your old Brunei’s Identity card)



  4. Payment Receipt ($50)
  5. Letter on Behalf, Scholarship Letter from Government (Email from Canada Immigration will do)
  6. NBI Form 5 for Philippines Nationals, FIPS for Singapore Nationals, IIFF for Canadian Nationals, Police 199 Bruneians. (Actually, they didn’t require us to submit this.)

When you’re in Brunei Police Headquarters, the whole process won’t take you more than 30 minutes. lol 🙂

After that, you’ll have to wait for 1 week to get the Brunei Police Certificate. For our case, we just let our friends to claim in behalf for us. Moreover, they don’t even require an authorization letter but of course, they need the original receipt of payment.

This is how a Brunei Police Certificate or Brunei Police Certificate of Good Conduct.