How to invest in Philippine Stocks? – This is the most common question I encountered every time this topic is brought up. Usually, Filipino’s seems to activate their firewall once the word “STOCKS” is mention 😀 . I know, coz’ I was once like you before.  Until 4 months ago, I read the book of Bo Sanchez titled “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… And Why You Should, Too“. It’s actually an old book and some topics maybe outdated but it was an eye opener for me and hopefully, for you too.

How to Invest in Philippine Stocks

So, How to invest in Philippine Stocks? – Simple, you just need a BROKER to do your transaction. In my case, I chose Colfinancial because it suits my requirements – To be able to Transact Online (hassle free). BPI Trade also offers the same features. In my own opinion, it doesn’t really matter which broker you choose, as long as you can transact online without any hassle.

Next Question, Is there a fee or membership for getting a broker? No. For colfinancial, you just need P5000 as initial deposit. They will create an account for you and once done, you may use up your P5000 to invest in any stocks. So, basically, your P5k is consumable.

Follow-up Question: Can I withdraw my money anytime? Yes, Any amount in your Actual Cash balance portfolio can be withdrawn anytime. For shares, of course , you need to sell it first before you can actually get your actual money. You are in control. Unlike any Ponzi Scam that promise you a double your money scheme in a timely manner wherein you cannot withdraw the entire amount of your money anytime.

Another Question: How to fund your account in Colfinancial? Well, I have an existing BPI Savings Account and I just use it’s Bill Payment Option to fund my account COL. Lol. I could have used BPI Trade as my broker in the first place but I really don’t know why I choose Colfinancial (Probably I just followed what the book says.. haha)

My suggestions to you? Just ACT. Take your first step. You cannot start investing in Philippine Stocks unless you act. There is nothing to be afraid. I never heard of such thing as Stocks Scam (as long as you choose the right broker, I guess). During my first transaction, I just deposit P5k to see how it works. Then, I learn from a day to day basis. So far my earnings are great!

Leave a comment or send me message if you need more help. Enjoy the ride!