with my new angel baby zoefia

with my new angel baby zoefia

Nothing in this world can take my eyes off you. Some people think it could just be puppy love and some feelings of curiosity that makes me fall in love with you. But I never even think of what other people may say as long as I have you in me.

At times I make some crazy stuff just to make you fall in love with me but then it’s just a matter of time that makes you fall for me. Everything changes when you came around and makes my whole world go round and round.. My friends said that it could just be an illusion but I do believe that destiny brought us together to be where we are right now, in love and having same directions to live our life together in harmony.

That’s what I ever think “If I ain’t got you with me now…” the rest of my world will just be another ordinary days without surprises and not worth living for. I can be just what I want to be without someone telling me what to do and just being me.. alone .. would rather say then life is boring and just like a painting that has no colour and no impressions of what’s the importance of living life with someone so dear to you. Just what I felt If I ain’t Got you with me…

You have shown to me the very meaning of how it is to be adored and appreciated. You have given me happiness and the greatest gift that I could ever imagine that I can still have one more pretty little angel inside my tummy. You have accepted every part of me and that makes me so glad and joyful to have both of you part of my every being. I would never ask for more than anything in the world but to have you and the little angel soon and so with big sister of my little angel…

Lots of love and happiness that I felt right now even the little ways of care you have shown on me. Now I can say that having those people so important to me makes me ever the strongest person and a woman of confidence and passion rather “ If I Ain’t Got You “ which makes my world so meaningless.. that’s why I am thankful enough to have all of you in my life.