So you’d probably heard about Jacque Bermejo already? The infamous OFW from DUBAI who allegedly made a reckless and insensitive remark in Facebook (FB) wall about Filipinos after the typhoon “Ondoy”.

She (Jacque Bermejo) wrote: “buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners back der! so yeah deserving what happened!

After so many Filipinos who have violently reacts to her post, she then replies: “cuz of u dnt understand!!!judge me sige!!! kya ala kayong asenso.even nature now is making statement big time!!!” See screenshots of Jacque Bermejo’s comment on facebook below:

Jacque Bermejo Facebook's Comment

Jacque Bermejo Facebook’s Comment

Jacque Bermejo comment in Facebook

Jacque Bermejo comment in Facebook

I myself flared up when I read her post but somehow I can’t believe that a Filipina can say this stupid remarks to its fellow Filipino’s. So, I then initially investigate if its true or not. Until I saw one of my classmates in high school was among her friends who worked with her for almost a year. I immediately sent a message to my HS classmate and asked about the latest Jacque Bermejo Scandal.

This was her reply: “I feel sorry for her because she’s (Bermejo, Jacque) a victim of a fraud FB account. She was crying on the phone and is now so afraid to go out because of all the hate messages she’s been getting the whole day. I don’t know how some people can find time to create a fake account just to damage another person. Mind you, Jacque and I are not that close but I feel the need to clear her name because I can just imagine how scared she is right now. Everybody hates her for a comment she never made.

Actually, Jacque-Bermejo’sFB accounts have the same pictures until one was deleted when the hatred grew. But both have her multiply url name of “starfishbuang”. I agree, it’s a lame excuse that she was hacked but in my own point of view, Jacque used the same password on all her accounts including her gmail. In consequences, the so-called hacker probably has all access to her account.

I’m sorry for her though. What she said was stupid (if it was true) and she’s trying to correct it. Now about her damaging a married man, i heard from a friend of a friend that’s it’s true she sent messages to strangers to destroy the man’s reputation. Such an irony that her reputation is the one damaged now.

I’m beginning to drop my anger now, and honestly, so worried about my friends who are out-of-reach and who are declared missing.

As much as we wanted her to show up & give a public apology, let us not forget that there are thousands of Pinoys affected by Ondoy. It is best to use our time and energy into doing something helpful for the victims.

To Jacque Bermejo: I hope you’re not lying.

To the person who compromised Jacque’s FB account: The hell with you!