I am trying to view peoples ideas about this. But first and foremost, please don’t argue around here. I mean, we must welcome 3rd community and not to discriminate them. Personally, I don’t believe they choose whom they’re going to be. It’s in the genes, right? Or rather, their environment where they were being raised.

Early childhood sexual abuse is also a BIG factor why pinay or pinoys become lesbians or gay. This is really true because one of my colleagues is a bisexual who confessed everything  about his past childhood abuse done by his uncle. According to him, one time his uncle forced him to play his d*ck and that’s it!. His trauma keeps on popping up into his thoughts and eventually, he became gay.

What more else to those children that were sexually & brutally abused?

Is it fine for you guys/gals when it comes to having friends like them? Or being one of them?

This is really interesting and I want to know more about the Filipino Community’s reaction or point of view about being a lesbian or a gay.

For me, I have a bunch of lesbian friends in Cebu. In fact, I find them very amusing, talented and thoughtful. Sometimes I consider myself to somewhat of this kind. 😉

Lesbians of Cebu Philippines

Lesbians of Cebu Philippines

By the way, I didn’t know there exists a different categories of Lesbians in Cebu, lol:

  1. Femme to Femme : Female orientation who is attracted to Female as well – mga girly girly pareho. But these Femmes can also be attracted to Males. which then will be categorised as Bisexuals.
  2. Femme and Butch : Female (girly-girly) who is atracted to Female pero Hardcore boyish resemblance.
  3. Soft Butch and Femme: In between Femme and a butch who is atracted to a Femme. soft butch can be with a Femme or Butch.
  4. Dykes : Hardcore Female Lesbians

Confusing at first, but let’s just say it falls to one effect from a cause.

Please don’t be rude and sarcastic in giving comments and opinions about lesbians & gay here in Cebu or in Philippines. I just want to make an environment or topic that can help others who felt like no one understands them.