Pinay: Life as it Is?

Pinay: Life as it Is?

Hmmmm…what can i say about LIFE?

Anything goes with the universe that makes our world turns upside down. Living it with passion, courage, and whatever that makes it more colourful that we should take it more enjoyable as ever.

Life goes on and on whether your having the worse ever happenings or the best of it. Considering, the choices that we make to live life more enticing and having great decisions that we ever thought of fulfilling our dreams and survival.
We always take Life to hardships and troubles but we never even appreciate the essence of Life, what’s the real worth of it. Have we ever wonder the greatness of Life that brings us to where and who we are right now?.. have you ever think of living your Life to what is rightful and just to the eyes of the Almighty One?..

All of these questions has never even seen by US, we always have complains and makes ourselves more complicated which brings us more heartaches, sorrows and frustrations.

OH my..Life life life…. that’s what most of Us is saying… especially if we are down, nowhere to go and don’t know what to do.. Why should we blame Life when in fact we are the one to be blame of… look deeply inside you, think clearly and always put into your heart and soul that without the Greatness of Life you can never experience the things that makes us Humans… pains and happiness.. that is LIFE!