Either you hate it or love it.



I love my magic Jack. I have had it for 5 months and have had never experience any down time with it. I use it just for making local and long distance calls. Actually, a relative of mine who’s currently in the US sent this device to me. According to her, Magic Jack is a good substitute for Skype or Vonage.

At first, I didn’t know if this magic jack stuff will work here in Philippines but I am amazed because as long as you have access to high speed internet and a PC/Laptop running XP/Vista, you’re good to go.

I am not sure though about magic jack being sold here in Philippines (like in ebay.ph or sulit.com.ph) will actually work too because what my relative told me was, he set up the phone number in the US first before he send it out to the Philippines. I picked up the phone and it’s just plug and play since then.

By the way, for those who doesn’t know about Magic jack –  it is just a little USB device, which you can hook it up to your computer’s USB port to make calls to any home telephones. To use it, connect Magic Jack to your computer’s USB port, and the software on it will load automatically to let you dial your numbers for making unlimited international calls from Philippines to around the globe. Well, probably  not, hehe.. but I does the job for me.

MagicJack actually goes with one end that is the USB port for hooking up to your computer and the other end is a RJ11 port (phone jack) that you can link to any home phone to make calls! Technically speaking, MagicJack uses VOIP to route your calls to MagicJack routing center and then it subsequently routes your calls to other home phones in the US or Canada. For the reason your computer will need an Internet access such as DSL, cable modem, other broadbands and WiFi etc. (duh?).

Anyway, a lot of my friends are asking me how much does Magic Jack cost? Hmm, I don’t certainly pay anything because like what I said, it was given to me, hahah!. However, I did lurk in the net to find some information about Filipinos using magic jack in the Philippines and I found out that those magic jack they bought locally are just availing the 1 year free subscription. Meaning, it won’t probably work after a year unless you pay their yearly subscription for $20 thru credit card. Naks!