Wedding party in Mahogany Hills, Iligan City.

Mahogany Hills Iligan CIty

Mahogany Hills Iligan CIty

1st week of July, I received a wedding invitation from a very long high school classmate from Iligan City National High School batch ’97 – Cristine F. Wow! Finally, she’s getting married. At the age of 29, it’s really time to settle down.

I personally got an invitation because her husband to-be happened to be a good co-worker of mine. Of course, I should be invited or I’ll kick his a*s. Lols!

Anyway, what immediately comes to my attention when I got the invitation was the reception after the wedding (Eto naman yung una natin tinitingnan sa wedding invitation card.. hahaha!).

The card only states: Reception at Mahogany Hills, Palao Iligan City. What? WTF? Where in the place is Mahogany Hills? It sounds to me like a street and not a place.

Out of curiosity, I asked my fellow Iliganons if they happen to hear and know about Mahogany Hills in Palao but alas, they didn’t even hear the name. What a shame! – Born in Iligan and who lives in Iligan for almost 20 yrs and doesn’t even know where Mahogany Hills is?  Toinks!

Well, you would not believably recognized the place since it was an vestigial transmitted parcel of land form her parents. Enlivened Tita Mae to transform it into something creative. Her endless ideas on how to decorate the place and yet maintain the terrain paved the way for the development of the place.

At the start it was intended to be planted with whatever plants,vegetables and fruit bearing trees or raise tilapia for consumption. Activity in Kaplag started with planting of mahogany trees all over the land spearheaded by Tita Mae thus the name MAHOGANY HILLS.

Mahogany Hills Iligan City

Mahogany Hills Iligan City

A small bamboo house was built for family to rest and bond. The usual Sunday get together. What was intended as fish pond for tilapia raising was then converted to a swimming pool for the grand children to enjoy.

And so acquaintances were request if they can accommodate seminars, retreats or any small parties. This made them decide to finally open the property for business.

Mahogany Hills is now the location of choice for people who want to party with utmost privacy. It has become an alternative place for garden weddings. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city makes it a perfect choice for such an event.

Upon entering the gates you develop the impression of being in a rain forest because of the lush vegetation- assorted array of tropical ornamental plants, fruit bearing trees and of course the majestic mahoganies all over the area, all of which were landscaped by Tita Mae and her son Jose Manolo. A natural spring can also be found flowing freely adding up to the beauty of the terrain.

The serenity of the place makes it an ideal venue for retreats and reflection.

….. and now, its CAKE time!


Wedding Cake by Chef FAJ

Wedding Cake by Chef FAJ