My ruined valentines day...

My ruined valentines day…

On my previous post, I mentioned how I am excited on our first valentines celebration here in Singapore. But last night(valentines night), it turns out to be in contrast to all my expectations and plans. huhuhu… I really don’t know what happened and why it happened and why everything should happened during valentines day. Much more, that day is also our monthsary.

My hubby went for work early morning  and told me that he’s going to fetch me at work at 8 PM since I would be taking early off from work. We also decided to have dinner in our home. I did prepare beef steak and salad in the afternoon before I went to work.

At exactly 8 PM, my hubby SMS me and was already waiting outside. I was about to pack all my things but all of the sudden, one of our VIP client had a problem with his card. I just can’t leave her alone, I have to assist her. 1 hour had past and I completely forgot to inform my hubby about our problem inside. My handphone beeps with a message “I’ll see you at home.” I know at that moment, he was very furious. But can he can’t blame me for that! It’s my work and we all need a work to survive. And besides, that’s a VIP customer and my boss was around. Grrrr…

What would you do If you were on my situation?

Just like that! And so, we had had a fight when I arrived home. I asked “sorry” but he wouldn’t just listen. His justification? Why can’t I just sms or call him for just a few seconds!?

Actually, he got a point… but honestly, I was really busy trying to hasten every thing so I can just go home and celebrate Valentines Dinner.

Anyway, I cried for a few hours…. and suddenly, I feel his presence at my back hugging and touching my tummy (I am 7 months pregnant :D). He was already calmed down and I was also ready to talk again. And since, it’s valentines day and our monthsary, letting it go is very very easy.. wink 😉

Past 10 PM when we have our dinner. Both of us are really starving at this moment. I was actually excited about my special home-made beef steak and salad only to find out that the beef wasn’t properly cooked. It was still firm and elastic like a chewing gum. errrrr!

To be honest, I did prepare a lot of rice coz’ I was anticipating  he would eat a lot. LOL.. But nevertheless, the sauce of the beef steak was astonishing. We both finished the rice with salad and sauce only. haha!

It was a messy Valentines Day but we still end the night full of laughters and love making…. cheers!