Got my license in LTO SM Cebu..

Got my license in LTO SM Cebu..

I arrived in SM Cebu exactly 10 AM as it’s their opening hours.In my thoughts, I would be the first person to process or renew my drivers license which expired last september 18. But to my shock, people are already swarming in the area. And most of them had already filled up the HLO FORM for drug test and Medical.

By the way, below are the process/requirements in renewing your drivers license in LTO SM Cebu.

  1. Medical Results and Drug Results from an accredited LTO laboratory.
  2. Fill up ADL form from LTO.
  3. Submit the duly accomplished form to E-PATROL.
  4. Wait until your name will be called for ID capture and for payment of processing fees which is about P417 (no penalty). +P97 penalty for expired licensed 1 day upto 1 yr and +P150 penalty for licensed expired 1~2 years.
  5. Wait for your plastic ID, DONE.

With so many people who’s ahead of me,I only managed to finished paying P400 to the cashier for my drug test and on my medical exam (not sure if that was called medical exam hence the so-called doctor only check my height, weight and ask if I am high blood or not, NO BP test. No more eye tests). For the drug testing, you need to submit your urinalysis in which you’ll have to wait for at least 1 hr to get your results.

@ 11:30 AM. I submitted my urine to the laboratory which they told me to come back in the afternoon around 1 PM to get my results. Grrrr.. Then I decided to file for a 1 day off my work (supposedly half day only). I told to my self that since I am already here, I better finish this Driver’s renewal thing once and for all.

@12:00. I had my lunch in KFC. hmmm.. sweet!

@12:30. And so, I learned my lessons. I was so panctual this time hoping that I can finish the whole process within an hour. However, my world began to sank when the guard (who receieves/distribute the results) told us that we’ll have to wait for the results to come.

@1:30. People started to heat up because they’ve told us that we can get the results by 1:00PM however it’s almost 2 O’clock and NOTHING. When we asked the guard, what happen and how soon will the result delivered? He just keep on saying “wait until the lab results will be delivered”. WTF?

@2:30. It was only then our results were relayed to the guard. And the worst thing, all 50 results were handed at once. What the hell? What’s there point in giving this result in bulk? I mean, they could have had it relayed once they have the results so we can proceed to the next step. I really don’t know what they were upto but I will NEVER ever goin to have may medical & drug test in SM again. My advice guys, go get your medical & drug test somewhere else, but of course to an accredited laboratory and proceed to the LTO E-Patrol for faster processing.

LTO E-Patrol Bus

LTO E-Patrol Bus

@2:40. Damn, we all thought that we would be processing our papers right after it but when we arrived in E-Patrol LTO BUS which was located in the covered parking lot in Northwing SM, there were already so many people who were in-line. First come, first serve. Meaning, we are on the last priority.

@6:30. I got my new plastic License. Don’t bother asking why it took us so long.What choice do we have? LTO SM is down (computer problems), LTO Mandaue is down (under renovation) and Cebu City LTO is overcrowded. And so, we ended up to this LTO E-Patrol BUS which only process 1 person at a time. And not to mention, prioritizing people whom they can benefit (FIXERS).

Wow! 9 hrs just to renew my drivers license?. People I heard said that you should process your license renewal in SM because it’s faster and relaxing but what we experienced today tells me “DON’T ever waste your time again processing Drivers License in SM Cebu”. Believe me, it’s not worth it. Go to Danao or Mandaue and you’re good to go in just 1 hour.

Let me close this rant by saying “HLO Drug Testing Laboratory SM Cebu – You’re a bunch of stupid management & staff who only cares about getting more money without even thinking the agony of the drivers trying to fast-pace the process on renewing their license”. You guys should at least, show some urgency, to your customers.