Hello Maxteiners! I am back!

Sorry, its been a while since I’ve updated my site. As you know, I was pretty much occuppied when I decided to invest in stocks. I’ve been endlessly reading, listening and watching tutorials on how to earn money in stocks. What a boring life, lol?

Well, YES… It’s kinda bit boring. While all my friends are OUT during weekends having party, playing & gimmicks, I was alone in my room reading books on how to earn money in stocks. Yeah, it s*cks sometimes but for me learning is fun especially if I can earn money from it. This is my road to be a multi-millionaire someday, hopefully. Hahaha.. It may not realize in the future but at least I’ve tried and thats the most important aspect in life.

Money Money Money! I’ve often heard people saying “The love of money is Evil” BUT for me “The root of all evil is the lack of money”. And its TRUE. Most people steal because they needed money to buy food, drugs or whatever reason they have. If only these guys(theif, robbers, snatchers) got enough money for their vices, then I firmly believe the crime rate would be lowered into half, I guess.

Ok, enough about the rant. xD

In my first article, “How to Open an Account with Citiseconline or COLfinancial“, I showed you how to easily open an account in CITISECONLINE or COLFINANCIAL and it only requires Php5,000. This is quiet useful for us Filipinos working abroad or OFW (like meh :D).

But then, I still got a lot of messages asking me how I open an account from Citisec or Colfinancial and the most frequently asked question was “Did I personally submit the required documents to COLfinancial” or “Do they need to go back in Philippines just to submit the documents since they are OFW?” And the answer is always NO. You just need to submit the docs thru POSTAL and thats it!. This also applies to all Filipinos who resides outside Manila.

In Summary:

1. Send all the required docs thru postal service (If you are OFW or residing outside Manila).
2. Wait for them to contact you thru the email you gave. Normally, it takes a week or two.
3. You’ll then receive an email from them informing you that your account/login details has been processed. (see photo below)

Opening an account in COLfinancial

How to open an account in COLfinancial or Citiseconline

4. Once created, they will again send you another email with instructions on how to fund your account. This is where you initially deposit your 5K. DON’T worry, this 5K is not a membership fee. There are NO fees when applying an account in Citisec or Colfinancial. Once deposited to your COL account, you can use your 5K anytime you want to buy stocks. (This is the part where most of us got scared, first time mo? hehehe.)

Let me know if you still have questions. Enjoy!

Since, I am starting to like about stocks.. I will now blog mostly about it. Hopefully, I can share to you some insights, ideas, tips can recommend which stocks are trending. So, keep in tune.. 😉