Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Result

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Results: Manny Pacquiao WINS versus Timothy Bradley. Winner by TKO, 3rd round.

YES, Wide swings and wide open angles from Bradley in June 9, 2012, reminds me of Hatton but a bit faster.. Pacquiao’s gonna catch him with counters and it’s over by TKO @ 3rd round. Yet another boxer who can’t get over his first lost. 😀

I know Pacquiao is naturally smaller than Bradley but Pacquiao is maintaining his weight. I’ve seen Timothy Bradley’s fight and he never had one punch KO power. Of course, there is absolutely no reason to think that an accumulation of well timed punches wont hurt Pacquiao also BUT  it ain’t this fight.

Well? See for yourself tomorrow. Manny Pacquiao pounds Timothy Bradley at 3rd round. Forcing Bradley’s coach to stop the fight. Winner by TKO: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao maintains his WBO Welterweight Belt. Whereas, Timothy Bradley suffer his 1st lost to Pacquiao vanished his record to  (28-0-1)  while Pacquiao gains a remarkable  (55-3-2) boxing record.

That is definitely going to be the result between Pacquiao vs Bradley’s fight in June 9, 2012 in Las Vegas MGM Grand Arena. Haha! Of course, I am biased in favor of our very own Filipino Boxing Champion – Manny Pacman Pacquiao.

Yes, I know Timothy Bradley has a hard rock-like body figure boxer but Pacquiao will absolutely out box him thru his SPEED and POWER. I saw Bradley’s last fight against Casamayor – he was very slow and punch like b*tch while Pacquiao is getting faster and powerful in every coming fight.

Look at Pacquiao’s 1st or 2nd fight with Marquez; Manny didn’t fully utilize his right hand potential power or perhaps it wasn’t developed yet. But Pacquiao’s last 3 fights? It just prove that his right hand has as much power and speed with his left hand. This Pacquiao vs Bradley fight is definitely going to be a “Hatton-KO like” – counter right hook punch, GAME OVER. LOL.

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