Pinay Barista

Pinay Barista

It’s been 2 years when my long lost friend “lang-lang” finally came home in the Philippines working as a Pinay Barista in a dutch run coffee shop in Qatar.

A few years ago, she was working as an over-all supervisor in a Mongolian food chain but decided to work in Qatar. Her offered salary in Qatar was 3 times her currently here in Philippines. No wonder Filipinos are always aiming to work abroad.

But life in Qatar was never easy. Her first few days and months in abroad was a total disorder. Not a single day and time she’s longing to head back home. Not to mention, she’s still single. How much more if you had already a family you left here in Philippines?

The only strength left from her was strong determination and sole purpose to help her family back in the Philippines – the unique characteristics of every Filipina has.

While eating in Café Laguna, SM Cebu, she’s unconsciously narrating her full story abroad. Ever imagine the feeling and desire of how you wanted to share your entire burden to your best friend? That’s what she sounds like back then. How is it like working in Qatar and life in Qatar for 2 years.

If you’re a Pinay or Pinay Barista in Qatar, then you’d probably had an edge because we Filipinos are very fluent in English. Yes, there are also other barista’s aside from us.

According to her, discrimination to Filipinos was never gone though not all times. Some local arabs has a misconception that Filipinas working in bar is somewhat like GRO’s. Can’t blame them though because a few Filipinas, at least according to her, are flirting with their customers for the sake of making extra money customer’s tip and some are actually selling their bodies for added income which they commonly called “Sideliners”.  However, she mentioned generally, Moroccans’ are in fact doing this kind of service.

When I interrupted, asking her if she would be working back in Qatar again, her reply was a very big smile. Only then I realize that she meet “life” in Qatar.

She found the “Man in her life”…. A Pinoy Barista!

To be continued (Until we see each other again)….