Pinay Mail Order Bride

Pinay Mail Order Bride

Decades past, pinays who dreamed of having a foreigner male for a partner experienced a long process. The basic road was through referrals, same foreigners who have Filipino/pinay friends, acquaintances or partners themselves.

Pen-friend pages channeled through magazines and newspapers also provided avenues for mixed association. pinays then had to communicate to their future foreign mates through the regular mail. Other communication facilities, like telephone and telegram, were scarce, costly and impractical.

As in other nations, agents later came up with ideas of making remote romantic matching more efficient. They brought in the mail-order-bride packages. Like recruitment agencies, mail-order-bride agencies advertised a pool of pinays seeking foreigner partners to their offshore market. In the same manner, these agencies advertised for a fee their foreigner clients to their pinay mail-order-bride prospects. An undisclosed number of matches, no less than tens of thousands, culminated in pinay-Foreigner marriages through this route.

But when the Philippine government later noticed that mail-order-bride matching became a convenient facility for male foreigners to “own” pinay women as nothing more than their domestic helpers, it enacted a law in 1990 that criminalized the scheme. pinays who ended up having foreigner partners via the mail-order-bride route eventually decreased in number and the practice continued only under covert procedures.

But the thought of mail-order-bride carries on to expand in the Philppines and may have in fact flourished with everyone’s relatively at ease access to the internet. On line dating sites and services serve the same purpose of matching pinays seeking foreigner males for a mate, and vice versa, only that the process has become faster and easier for everybody to use.

However, although the concept might thrive in some men’s minds, describing any pinay as a “ mail order bride” is insulting to say the least.