How's your marital life?

How’s your marital life?

How’s your Marital Life?

Hello to all. Can somebody share, how’s your relationship with your wife/husband? For how long you stay before marriage and how long you’ve been married…

In my case, I am married for 3 years now and I cannot deny the fact that there are lots of misunderstandings and argue in our marital life. However, this only happened during the first few years in our marriage wherein there are still a lot of adjustments made.

Right now, I am so proud to say that we both became matured and accepted our differences. We realized that;

  • both of us felt that we belong to each other
  • both of us felt the need to settle down already
  • both of us saw positive traits in each other that would make us good parents
  • we were in our late twenties and already stable, financially and emotionally
  • we were comfortable with each other’s families and relatives
  • we were already familiar with each other’s eccentricities and shortcoming and more or less knew how to handle them
  • we shared the same interests(M n M – Music and Movies)
  • we shared the same views on religion and spirituality
  • sappy as this may seem but we could finish each other’s sentences and sing each other’s tunes
  • there is this certain feeling that, “This is the one!”

What’s your secret in staying in love always?

There is no secret in staying in love. That’s what I think and how I feel, at least. When you’ve found “the one”, it seems like everything falls into place. People say that marriage is hard work, but I disagree. Marriage between two people who fit each other like hand-in-glove, a union between two people who are so in sync (like DyslexicHeart said, that they finish each other’s sentences) is almost effortless. Marriage is a true blessing, really.