Same Sex Relationship

Same Sex Relationship

There is no right or wrong in giving opinions.. it’s a free country anyway.

For me even the church has no right to condemned such relationships. It’s not easy accepting who or what you are when you belong to a society who only sees black and white. It’s their choice and they’re entitled to that… We have to respect these people.

I probably be speaking in behalf of the rest of those who belong to the third sex but I dont have any problem with people either who are involved in such a relationship. However, we must never fail to remember that a relationship should and must always be centered with love and to God. And for me that’s what matters most…

Some people also believe that this kind of relationship won’t last long and you’ll be hurt more. Why?

1.) That guy don’t really love you, he is just either using you or just having fun
2.) You give him everything (your time,your love & even your money), one day he will leave you
3.)Even though he have a relationship with you, but behind your back he has a girlfriend
4.)Stop, look & listen, have you ever heard there’s is foreverness in a relationship between a gay and a man?
5.)If you are still deeply inlove with that person, prevention is better than cure.

What about you guys? I wanna know your opinion about SAME SEX RELATIONSHIP. We have a saying that “Different Folks have Different Strokes” 😀

Pls share with me guys your opinion about it… THANKS A LOT.