I felt like a good and expert swimmer last Saturday when my hubby and I went to a public swimming complex to enjoy the weekend. It was such a great time and spending myself dipping in the pool was really a relaxing moment for me being pregnant.

It has been a long time since I wanted and really ask my hubby to bring me to the pool or beach here in Singapore. Being pregnant was really a tough and tiring period for me where I began to feel my body weight is killing me and it really slows everything like walking and even hardly ran to reach on time to get a bus to go home.

The Pregnant Swimmer

The Pregnant Swimmer

I am a fitness trainer here in Singapore and really like my work so much but being pregnant sometimes so difficult for me to cope up and being active on my duty hours. Felt sleepy at times and not only that, putting on weight really drives me crazy where it affects my performance at work. Adjustment was really a challenge and sometimes makes me off guard to my body changes where I suddenly feel pain at my lower back and lower abdomen.

With all of these hardships during my pregnancy now still I am trying to be productive at work and I am just thinking that my work will soon gives me advantage to have an easy delivery. Praying that everything will soon be alright and still awaits the joy that my baby soon will bring to me and my hubby.

Only then when I went for a swim at the complex where I feel so lighter and enjoying the moment of being pregnant where I never even feel any single burden from gaining weight due to the fact that I am pregnant.

It was such a lovely afternoon and swimming was just the activity that I wanted to relax and share the happy moments with my hubby. I am so thankful that my wish is granted at last for so long that I really want to go swimming and never feel even better than feeling like an expert pregnant swimmer.