Tetris Battle Cheat

Tetris Battle Cheat

Tetris Battle Cheat is here! Download FREE.

Download the latest cheat for tetris battle and become a game master in no time (hehehe). What else can we do? There are cheats everywhere and players usually resort to all kinds of cheats just to win the game. I personally hate game cheats but I it annoys me more knowing that the enemy is not playing fair with you.

“Cheater never wins?” – I doubt it. They always win in the game but of course they wont excel in real life. Well, anyway, this is just a game and there’s a saying “If you can’t beat them, then join them..”

So, here’s the up-to date Tetris Battle Cheat and hacks from Alnel Vincent Extreme “The Idiot Test 2012 Edition”. There’s no any virus in the file or the files within it. It’s safe and too tiny enough to download. IT’s free, don’t ever make purchases of it.

Tetris Battle Cheat Tools:

  1. Fiddler (www.fiddler2.com)
  2. Firefox or Chrome
  3. Download Cheat File

Tetris Battle 1 Hit KO Cheat Guide

  1. Open fiddler and go to Autoresponder tab.
  2. Drag the file that you have just downloaded.
  3. Click “Save” to your fiddler and CLEAR CACHE to your browser.
  4. Go to your TETRIS and play BATTLE 2P.

NOTE: This Cheat only Works for Battle 2p. You can also play with your friends or invite them.

Have fun with Tetris Battle Cheat by Alnel Vincent and enjoy beating your opponents! hahaha!